Getting Started Checklist ✅

Welcome to InnoVint!

Getting your winery up and running with InnoVint is a straight-forward process. We'll guide you through the steps below. 

This article covers:

1. First steps

2. Set up existing inventory

3. Set up additional inventory items

4. Additional account settings

5. Masterclass

6. TTB Compliance

7. Using InnoVint

1. First steps 👣   

Estimated time to complete: < 1 day

Note: We recommend changing your password once logged in. Just click on the person icon in the top right corner of the web interface and select 'Change password'.

    • From Settings > Member Permissions, add additional users & set their capability levels
    • Set up your Owners via Settings > Owners (if Custom Crush Permissions is activated) 
    • Access InnoVint Support Center (Click on the question mark   in the top right corner of InnoVint's web interface and get your answers! Search the Support Center, Contact support, or Go directly to InnoVint Support Center via the question mark). Or, click here.
    • Download the InnoApp to enter data on the go 📱

    2. Set up your existing inventory 🌱 🍇 🍷

    Estimated time to complete: 1-7 days

    Make sure to go in order or you may have trouble recording activities, and nobody wants that!

    Step 1: Add vineyard sources

    Step 2: Enter your vessels into the system

    Step 3: Enter your current wine and case good lots into the system

    Note: If you onboard during harvest: we recommend getting started with your incoming fruit. Then you can onboard your previous vintages when you have time. 

    Step 4: Fill vessels with volume for each lot

    Note: Be sure to pull a physical inventory and decide which date you want to start tracking your inventory in InnoVint.

    3. Set up additional inventory items 📦 📝 🔬

    Estimated time to complete: 1-5 days

    After you get your existing wines in InnoVint, we recommend a few additional steps: 

    Note: Set this up prior to recording any Addition or Bottle actions.

    • Upload existing lab data using the Analysis Import action 
    • Add any other lot, vessel, dry good, or vineyard information by uploading a pdf, photo or file to any Note on a details page
    • Create and add Tags to your inventory items and vineyards to further track or sort them 
    • Print your QR code vessel labels and lot labels 
    • Add vessel locations to your vessels 

    4. Additional account settings  🗂

    Estimated time to complete: 1-3 days

    Personalize your account even more by setting up these additional account settings based on your needs: 
    From an Admin on the ETS account, send an email to and copy with the following content for each ETS account:
    Dear ETS,
              Please release our ETS account data to InnoVint.
              InnoVint Account Name(s): ___________________
              ETS Account Name: _____________________
              ETS Client ID (if you have it): _____________________
    ETS will respond to all copied parties once the data has been released. InnoVint will complete the integration and follow up with an email confirmation and instructions on how to use the feature.

    5. Masterclass 🏅

    Estimated time to complete: 1-3 days

    All your inventory is in and your settings are ready for use. Utilize these tools to get the most out of your InnoVint account:

    6. TTB Compliance 🗃

    Estimated time to complete: 1 day

    When the time comes to pull your government reports, know the tips and tricks to get that data fast. 
    • Add your compliance specialist as a user and set their capability level to Read Only (if you only want them to only be able to pull reports)  
    • Need to report your volume in tax classes other than <16% or 16-21%? Utilize the Inventory at Point in Time Report to generate this information (looking at you California wineries 👀).  
    • Use the Tax class declaration report to declare all of your wines in one go today! 
    • Run the TTB 5120.17 report and use the TTB Audit Report to deep dive into your action history 
    • Utilize the lock backdating option to ensure no changes will be made to previously submitted reports 🔒

    7. Start using InnoVint! 🛫

    Estimated time to complete entire onboarding checklist: 1-3 weeks 

    Now you're ready to start using InnoVint daily to enter analysis, record actions and work orders, communicate with your team and generate valuable reports.

    Depending on your winery workflow, there are a couple of options to enter data:

    1. Enter actions directly via Direct actions (great for small teams & quick data entry)
      • Use the Record action button from the global bar or from any lot details page
    2. Schedule out your work and assign it to your team using Work Orders (great for large teams) 
      • Access Create work order from the global bar or through the Work Order Explorer 
    3. Or, use a combination of both!  

    If you have any questions, please submit a ticket or email InnoVint Client Success at We're here to help you get the most out of InnoVint!