Tank Maps

The Tank Map feature allows users to build a digital replica of their winery's tank map. The tank map automatically overlays real-time information about the status of the winery's lots, such as lot code, date filled, current volume, and other key data points. This map is fully customizable, allowing users to create different tank types and sizes and unique winery layouts. 

This article covers:

You may also follow along with the InnoVint Academy: 

How to Login to Tank Maps

Access is granted via your InnoVint login details. You can find the Tank Maps feature two ways:

How to navigate around your map

InnoVint automatically provides a default layout with nine tanks in a 3x3 grid. Here are the keys to navigation:

1. Toggle between "Top-down" and 3D views


2. Control your zoom and aspect using the zoom control bar, or use your mouse/touchpad

  • "Top-down" view: zoom in and out using the zoom bar on screen, or use your mouse scroll wheel.  Click and drag on the screen to move around the room.
  • 3D view: Use the same zoom and click and drag methods, and you can also rotate the tank room view using these additional rotation arrows. 

3. Turn on X-Ray vision to see your vessel fills and wine color (this works in both view modes)

4. Use the Vessel label fields to select the default information displayed on a vessel


5. Hover labels: select additional data to show when you hover over a vessel

6. Select "Edit map" to open up the edit fields and start editing your map! This is where the magic happens... add additional vessels, select/edit shape and size, and create new rooms via this menu. 

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How to add rooms

Start here!  InnoVint starts you with one "Main Room", but you can change the size and shape to match your winery dimensions, and add additional separate "rooms" (or cellars or areas or facilities) as needed in the Editing Map menu, using "Edit Rooms".

1. To add additional rooms, just start typing in the empty field in order to name a new space. The new room will populate automatically in the center of the Tank Map screen (think of the center as coordinates 0,0). This may be behind your first existing room, and will be highlighted in red.  Each grid square is 1m x 1m. 

Change the X/Y coordinates to shift the new room away from the center of the screen. You may want to move your original room off center as well - it can be moved or reshaped as needed using the same methods.

2. Add as many rooms or spaces as you need using the X/Y coordinates and width/length fields to adjust the size and spacing.

TIP: If you ever "lose your room" behind another one, use the edit sidebar to change the Floor Height - you can raise the floor height to bring a smaller "lost" room into view in front of a larger one.

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How to add vessels

1. Search for a specific vessel or select additional vessels to add to our map via the "Add Vessels" dropdown menu. InnoVint will populate the dropdown with all vessels of the types: Tank, Amphora, or Egg. Use this same menu to select and edit vessels that are already added to the map.

New vessels will pop up highlighted in purple in the middle of the Tank Map screen. The vessel size, rotation, and model can be selected immediately, or edited later.

The vessel being edited will always be highlighted in purple - click on a different vessel while in "edit mode" to highlight it, and make edits. 

Pro Tip: You can multi-select tanks to move and edit simultaneously.

  • Mac: Command + Click
  • Windows: Ctrl + Click

2. Select the tank size. It doesn't need to be exact, but it can't be smaller than 1m. If you have many small tanks, it can be useful to scale everything up to keep your tanks in proportion. 

You can specify width and height to maintain your tanks in their correct proportions.

3. Use "Rotation" (from 0 to 360 degrees) to change the direction that your tank doors face.


You can also multi-select tanks and rotate them all at once - this works for size and model selection as well!



3. "Height from Ground" refers to the distance between the bottom of the tank and the floor.  This allows your tank to "float" off the floor - and can be used to "stack" port-a-tanks and IBC totes. Find out how here

4. Select a Vessel model.  We have a wide selection of vessel shapes and colors: 

  • Closed Top (Jacket & no Jacket)
  • Open Top (Jacket & no Jacket) 
  • Portable
  • Insulated
  • Horizontal Tanks
  • Wooden Tanks (wood stand and metal legs)
  • Eggs (in 5 colors!)
  • Square Tanks (Metal, and Grey & Black Concrete)
  • Flex tanks (IBC Totes)

5. Drag and drop your tanks to their desired location. If you have a bunch of tanks spaced properly, but need to move them, you can multi-select and drag and drop them in the location. 

6. To edit existing vessels, you can select the vessel on the map at any time while in the "editing screen" (when the edit map sidebar is open) or else search for an existing vessel in the Edit Map > Add Vessels field. 

Stacking Vessels

It is easiest to stack vessels in 3D mode.  Specify the vessel height from ground to "hover" at the height of the vessel you are stacking on top of - in the case of these 2 x 2m Portable tanks, the proper height is 2m. Just drag and drop the hovering vessel into place... ta da! 

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How to save "camera" views!

If you have a favorite view of your tank map (or several that you are always navigating to), you can now save preset views in your Camera settings!

This is only available only in 3D Mode, and allows you to save specific zoom and angle settings.

Tank Maps provides the capability to save multiple views, and also set a specific default view for whenever you load or reload the Tank Maps screen.

At the bottom of the righthand navigation menu, you will find your Camera settings.

  • Set your Zoom and angle to the desired position and then start typing in the camera position field to set a name for that view:

  • Click on Create "title" and your view is saved!  
  • Cycle mode will allow you to rotate through your camera views automatically, at a set time delay for each view.

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Q. I can't see Tank Maps in my InnoVint sidebar

A. Reach out to us at support@innovint.us, or via the "Submit a help ticket" link in the top right corner of the Support Center, and we can check on Tank Maps access for you. 

Q. Where did my Tank Maps edit sidebar go?

A. If you've accidentally exited out of the righthand menu, just click on the three horizontal white lines at the top right corner of the screen. 

Q. How do user permissions work?

A. All users in a winery can view the tank map. Only users “Admin”, “Team Member”, or “Team Member Cannot Submit WO” can edit the tank map layout.

Q. How do user permissions work with Owner Tags enabled?

A. The tank position will show up for all users at a winery. Lot data will not be shown to any user who does not have access to the Lot Owner tag. For Custom Crush houses, your clients will be able to see the entire tank map, but can only see data on their lots.

Q. What type of computer is necessary to run Tank Maps?

A. All computers and tablets will work if they have a relatively modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.). The 3D view should work on all computers and tablets but will be sluggish if your computer does not have a dedicated graphics card. We worked hard to optimize the Top-down view so that it runs well on all computers and tablets, even those without graphics cards.

Q. I have to log in to my tank map? What’s that about?

A. For now, yes. You use the same InnoVint credentials that you use when logging into the normal desktop and mobile apps. In the future, we will build in “single sign-on” so you won’t have to log in twice. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience 🙏

Q. Can we send InnoVint our map for you to load, or do we build the Tank Map ourselves?
A. We’re happy to look at your map with you, and make sure that you have everything you need to get started. We are your Support team for help and advice when you are building out your winery map.

Q. It’d be awesome if you supported [insert tank model here] or [insert feature here]

A. We agree! Please let us know what tank type or feature you’d like to see via the “Share feedback” link at the top of the Tank Map screen. We started with six fairly broad tank models, added more, and we'd love to add even more so we can better match your winery. Let us know what you think!