Reporting on Dry Goods per Batch Number

This article covers:

How to view Dry Good history

Go to the Dry Good Explorer from the left side navigation bar, then select the Additive or Packaging item that you wish to view. This opens the Product details page.

View Additive or Packaging History per Batch

From the Product details page, in the Batches widget, click on Details (far right) to open the Batch History. This opens the Batch details page.

Batch histories can be exported to a csv file by clicking on Export in the top far right of the History card.

Additive History Report

Download the Additive History Report to view all actions and adjustments involving additive batches within a date range, including addition actions and receiving new inventory. Go to Reporting > Activity Reports > Additive History Report. Select your date range, then download. 

The export provides a batch-by-batch, lot-by-lot breakdown of used, scrap, and adjusted amounts. Cost changes are included if Cost Tracking is activated. 


Q. Why does my on-hand inventory show a negative number?

A negative on-hand inventory indicates that more additive was used of that batch than was entered into the system. For example, 5kg of DV10 yeast, Batch # 12345 was entered into InnoVint as the Total Amount. Over the course of harvest, 6.2kg of DV10 yeast, Batch #12345 was used. InnoVint will show that Batch # 12345 now has an on-hand inventory of -1.2kg.

To update the on-hand inventory, you'll need to either A) edit the batch to change the total amount of the additive, or B) adjust the on-hand inventory from the Additive details page. Make sure to fully deplete a batch when it has been used up to avoid selecting a batch number that no longer exists in inventory for future additions.

Note: For accounts with the Costing feature activated, a negative batch inventory will still apply costs on a price-per-unit basis. For example, 5kg of DV10 yeast, Batch # 8675309 might cost $450, or $0.09 per gram. If Batch # 8675309 currently has a negative inventory and is selected and used in an Addition action, InnoVint will still calculate and apply the $0.09 per gram of yeast to the appropriate lot(s).