Winery Lock Backdating

The Lock Backdating capability allows Admin users to set the earliest date and time at which actions can be backdated in InnoVint. This capability can be applied separately to actions and cost items.

What is Lock Backdating?

How to set the backdate lock

Removing a backdate lock

What is Lock Backdating?

Lock backdates can be set separately for inventory actions and cost item actions (if your account has COGS Tracking turned on).  This helps in preventing actions from being recorded that may affect previously submitted TTB or compliance reports, as well as restricting cost entries after finance closes the books for the month, quarter or year.

Lock backdating (Winery)

If a user tries to backdate a winery action to before the lock date, they will get this error message:

      This lock also restricts backdated Tax Class changes.

      Cost item backdate

      If a user tries to backdate a new cost item or remove cost prior to the lock date, they will also get an error message:

      Owner-based Permissions: Lock backdating for Cost Items affects the entire account and is not owner-specific.


      How to set the backdate lock

      Find the Lock backdate in your Settings > Lock backdating screen:

      Click on Set a new date and then click on the blue Set lock date button to save the new lock. 

      Only users with Admin permissions may access Lock backdating and lock the dates.


      Removing a backdate lock

      If you need to edit an action or cost prior to the back dated lock, an account Admin may reset the backdate as required to allow specific edits - just set the lock to a date and time earlier than the required edits. 

      After making any edits, be sure to reset the lock to the chosen date!