InnoApp Highlights

InnoVint has built a mobile app that works on all devices — including Android & iOS! It's loaded with great features and is available for you to download here.

For our current iOS users, this app has replaced the legacy iOS work order app. The iOS work order app has been discontinued. Please reach out if you have any questions or need additional guidance getting started with InnoApp!

For all users, the InnoApp provides offline functionality and will run more modules of InnoVint, including Vineyards and Work Orders.

This article contains an overview of InnoApp:


Getting Started 

1. Open the app

The app is best experienced on a mobile device or small tablet.

  • Open the browser on your phone and go to

  • Or, simply point your phone camera at this QR code!

    image (2)-1

2. Install to your home screen

For an optimal, full screen experience, the app can be installed to your home screen.

⚠️ We highly recommend installing the app to your home screen ⚠️

Follow these instructions:

iOS instructions

  1. Use Safari as your browser for iOS devices! Click the share icon at the bottom of the screen. Untitled-1
  2. Tap the Add to Home Screen item in the menu.iOS

Note: you MUST use Safari on iOS. Chrome will not work on iOS. 

Android instructions

  1. Use Chrome browser on Android devices! Click the three dots icon next to the address bar.
  2. Find the Install App or Add to Home Screen item in the menu, click it and confirm. android

Current Features

We're working hard to make sure the new mobile app is jam-packed with features (all offline enabled!), and we'll continue to add many more. Current functionality includes:

⬆️  All of the above features are offline enabled  ⬆️

Offline Capability

We've engineered the app to work flawlessly when you don't have access to the internet. All actions can be recorded offline on lots, vessels, vineyards and blocks. You can even complete and submit work orders!

You can record as many actions and photo notes as you'd like while offline.  Once the app has a connection to the internet again, the actions will automatically synchronize to the InnoVint's cloud server. You'll get a helpful notification up to that lets you know we synched everything for you.

Find out more about the offline icons here

Additional Language Support

InnoApp has full support for English (US and AU), Greek, Portuguese and Spanish.

You may choose the language manually at the bottom of the app's home page, or on the login screen. This setting is saved on your device: it  will update the language across all wineries accessed by the same mobile device.

Toggle between available languages either before or after you login:


View all modules and icons in your chosen language, and the setting will also update the date/time and number displays in most cases, unless it is a date/number field controlled by your device. 


Video Introduction

You may also follow along with the InnoVint Academy (a recording from our live webinar when we first released the first version of the app):