Declare or Edit Tax Class

You can set or change the tax class of a lot in three places:

WARNING: Tax class changes necessarily have TTB 5120.17 implications. If you declare a wine while the lot is still in weight InnoVint will use the expected yield to determine the volume moved to a declared tax class. We recommend declaring tax classes after a lot is in volume to avoid any unintended gains and/or losses after a lot has been drained and pressed. Any mistakes when declaring a tax class should be deleted and re-entered.

See our quick video tip on Tax Class changes and declarations at harvest here

At Lot Creation

When adding a new lot from the Create Lot Page or in-line in an action, Tax Class is a required field. This will set the tax class as of the date and time of lot creation.

Note: When creating a lot, the lot creation date is set to the current date and time. If any action is backdated prior to that date, the lot will automatically set the "creation" date to the same date and time as the earliest backdated action.

From the Lot Details page

The Tax Class can be declared or changed on each Lot Details Page using the pencil icon next to Tax Class.

Select the new tax class from the dropdown list and select the Effective at date.

Selecting any option besides "When lot was created" will record a change on the TTB Report. 

Note: Tax class changes are not dependent actions, and therefore can be changed (or deleted) at any time. Archived lots are also eligible for tax class changes, which can be made effective to before the archive date.

Note: If there is a mistake when declaring a tax class, you must delete the tax class change action and record a new tax class change. If a lot was onboarded or created under the wrong tax class, there will not be a previous tax class change action to delete and you can edit the tax class as needed.

In the Tax Class Declaration report 

  1. For each row, select the tax class from the dropdown list
  2. Click the Set tax class button. This will change the tax class as of the current date and time. You will not be able to backdate tax class changes from this report.

Video tutorial