Setting up your Custom Crush Permissions

You have just activated a permission-based system and you're ready to get started setting up your account! Below are instructions on how to add owners, associate inventory with owner tags, and add new winery members.

Note: Owner permissions can only be managed by account Admins.

1. Add Owners. InnoVint's term for each of your clients is an "Owner". Go to Settings, at the bottom of the left navigation bar, then select Owners. Start by adding every Owner in the system, including your in-house ownership, with the corresponding bond. If you need to add additional bonds to your account, please follow the instructions in this article to request a new bond added to your account. 

2. Associate Owners with Inventory: Now that your Owners are entered you can associate inventory with one or more Owners. Please reference the Owner-based Permissions Overview article for more information on different owner settings.

 - For new InnoVint accounts: You are starting fresh and can assign Owner(s) as you add inventory (vineyards, vessels, lots, etc) to the system.

- For existing accounts: All of your inventory has been set to No Owner, meaning that only users with access to Everything in the winery can access it. (Check Member Permissions in Settings to see what users have access.) In order to make inventory visible to other users at a winery, inventory needs to be reset to either Global (everyone can see regardless of permission and capability level - typically for something like Tanks that everyone has access to) or to one or more Owners. There are two ways to edit Owners for inventory items:

1. Edit Owner for a single inventory item: Go to the inventory item's detail page (lot, vessel, vineyard, additive, work order, etc) and click the blue pencil next to the Owner field to set the Owner.

2. Edit Owner for multiple lots or vessels at once: From the Lot Explorer or Vessel Explorer, under the "Manage vessels/lots" button in the top header, select "Edit Owners on Lots". From this interface you can set or change Owners on many inventory items at once.

3. Grant access to winery members: Under Settings, go to the Member Permissions page. Using the Owner-based Permissions Overview article for reference, either edit the capability of existing members or add new members by clicking the blue link in the upper right to "+ Add user to winery".  *** We recommend creating some guidelines for custom crush clients as to how you'd like them to interact with the software before granting them access.***

- For existing accounts: All current winery members default to access Everything in the winery. You will need to update permissions and access for existing users.

4. Notify Your Clients : Now that your inventory is associated with one or more Owners, you can notify them of their access to InnoVint. When they log in to either the web-based platform or mobile app, they only will be able to work with the inventory that has been tagged with the Owner(s) they have permission to see.

We recommend creating some guidelines for clients as to how you'd like them to interact with the software before granting them access. Our Support Team has lots of experience introducing InnoVint in a Custom Crush setting. Please reach out to us if you would like some guidance and our best recommendations for success with the feature.