Member Management: How to Add or Remove Users

Do you want to grant access to InnoVint for your cellar crew and winery staff? How about temporarily adding new interns each harvest? Does your winery accountant need the ability to view reports, export files, and download the TTB report?

Account Administrators (Admins) can add, remove, and edit new users and assign one of four different capability levels. For more detailed information on Capability levels, visit our article on User Capabilities.

Additionally, if you do not see the Member Management option in Settings, please contact an Admin at your facility to add, remove, or edit winery members in your account.

This article covers:


To add new winery members

Click  at the top right corner of the page.

Add a new InnoVint user

Fill in the new user's email (all lowercase), first and last name, and password. Find out about password requirements here.  Then click on the Add user button in the bottom right corner.


After a new user has been added, refresh the page to update the list. Click on   at the far right of the user's name to edit access and capability settings.

If you see an error message like this one, try adding the user as an existing user instead. 

Add an existing InnoVint user

To add a user that has had access to InnoVint in the past or who has current access to another account, choose to add an existing InnoVint user. You just need to enter their email (in lowercase). The name and password associated with this login email address will remain unchanged.


Note: Once a login email address has been added to InnoVint, that user will remain in the system indefinitely.

Note: A single login can be granted access to multiple accounts. The accounts remain separate and each is available by clicking on the account name in the top left corner and choosing the facility from the dropdown list.

 Setting Member Permissions & Capabilities

1. After adding a new winery member, refresh the page to show your new user in your winery member list. Their access permission defaults to "Read Only".

2. Click on the   to the far right of their name to edit.

3. Select the following for each user:

  • Up to three roles covering all facets of the industry
  • User capability level (Admin, Team Member, Team Member Cannot Submit Work Orders, or Read Only). Find out more about user capabilities here.
  • Specified Owner access or everything in the winery (if Custom Crush Permissions are activated) 
  • User's access to the Costing module - read only or full access - (if the COGS module is activated). 

    Click 'Update member permissions'.

For information on capability levels, see our article Overview: User Permissions and Capability Levels

To edit or remove a winery member

Click on the  to the far right of their name to edit or remove a winery member. 

For information on capability levels, see our article Overview: User Permissions and Capability Levels.



Q. Does InnoVint charge for additional users?

A. No. InnoVint does not charge additional fees per user. You can add, remove, and edit users at any time. 

Q. How do I update the name or email address of a user? 

A. Contact with the corrections/changes and we can update this for you. 

Q. How do I set a new password for an existing user?

A. Passwords remain unchanged for existing users until they are changed from within the platform. If a user has forgotten their password, they should click on Forgot password on the log in screen to be sent an email with instructions. Note: This can only be done from a desktop browser, and cannot be done via InnoApp. 


Q. What if an existing user already has access to another winery account in InnoVint?

A. If an existing user has current access to another InnoVint winery account, each winery space can be accessed separately from the same log in. Just click on the winery name in the top left corner to reveal the dropdown with additional winery accounts.

Q.  I am a custom crush client. How do I add a new user to access and view my inventory?

A. As a custom crush client, member access is managed by each individual facility. To add, remove, or edit access to your ownership account, please contact an Admin at the facility.

Q. I keep getting this error, but the user does not exist in my account. 

A. The email address you are trying to add as a new user has already been added in InnoVint. It is likely that the user previously had access to another InnoVint account, or has current access to another InnoVint account. In either case, you will need to add the user as an existing InnoVint user. Their first and last name and password will remain unchanged.