Harvest Settings (Receive Fruit options and Expected Yield)

Before harvest begins, be sure to review your harvest settings in InnoVint. Harvest settings include options on how to Receive Fruit in the system and also setting the expected yield per variety for calculations and predictions.

This article covers:



Receive Fruit options: Simple vs Advanced

There are two (2) options for how to receive fruit in InnoVint:

  1. Simple
    • No weigh tag generation
    • Net weight entry only
  2. Advanced
    • Automatic weigh tag generation
    • Enter individual scale readings to calculate gross, tare, and net weight

For more detailed information on InnoVint's Simple vs Advanced Receive Fruit options, see this article in the Support Center.

If you decide on the Advanced Receive Fruit option, click on . This will open a new window and prompt you to set a starting weigh tag number. 

Weigh Tag settings:

Next, you will see the  tab appear in the navigation bar under Settings. Here you can add and edit information to auto-populate your weigh tags, including:

  • Weighmaster and Weighing Location
  • Deputy weightmaster(s)
  • Tare containers

If you already have the Advanced Receive Fruit option activated in your account, the starting weigh tag number will begin at  21000 for Harvest 2021.

For more information on how to activate the Advanced Receive Fruit option, including details on weigh tag settings, see this article in the Support Center.


Setting the Expected Yield

From the Harvest Settings tab, InnoVint allows you to set an Expected Yield per ton for each variety you source. The expected yield estimates the volume of a lot that is currently tracked in weight for the purposes of calculating volume-based additive rates. Setting the expected yield for a variety only affects fruit lots created in the future (i.e. it does not update the expected yield for fruit lots that have already been created in InnoVint).

If the expected yield is not set for a particular variety, InnoVint assumes a default rate of 150 gallons per ton.

NOTE: The expected yield of a lot will adjust if a juice bleed/saignée is recorded via direct action or work order.

  1. Click on +Add varietal to select a varietal from the drop-down list
  2. Update your expected yield for each variety
  3. Click on  before navigating away from this page

     * To remove a varietal from the list, scroll over to the far right and click 'delete'

Note: InnoVint also allows you to set the expected yield per fruit lot. See this article for instructions on how to set the expected yield for a specific fruit lot during fruit lot creation.