Step 4: Fill vessels with volume for each lot

It's now time to add the contents to your lots.

Note: If you prefer to enter all historical actions (from fruit receival to current wine stage), please contact for additional guidance. 

From the Lot Detail Page, click the “Record Action” drop down and select Volume Adjustment


  • Your lot will auto-populate or select a different one using the blue “Select lot in picker” link to slide over the Lot Selector. Use the filters as needed to find the correct lot to fill.
  • Reason: Onboarding (on hand beginning of period) - Use this option for new account setup, or adjustments to your on hand volume. Any volume added with this reason will populate Part I, Line 1 of the TTB 5120.17 report. See our articles on Volume Adjustments and/or Bond to Bond transfers.

Note: This is the ONLY time to select the reason of Onboarding. In the future, if you need to bring in additional wine please record a B2B Transfer In


  • Click the blue “Select Vessels” link to slide over the Vessel Selector. Use the filters as needed to find the correct vessels to fill.
  • Once all the vessels are moved to the Selected Vessels window on the right, in the lower right click the "Select Vessels" button to bring them back to the Volume Adjustment screen.
  • Set the ending contents of each of the vessels chosen based on what you want the final contents to be. You can fill each vessel to capacity, set the contents to be applied across all chosen vessels using the "Apply" button, or manually enter each vessel's contents. 
  • If you want to backdate this action to set the contents as of a date in the past, click the "Backdate Action" button and select the desired date. This will be the date when the contents will populate on Page I, Part 1, Row 1: "On hand beginning of period" for TTB 5120.17 reporting if declared in an alcohol tax class.
  • Add a note if desired and press the  button.

TIP: A good way to capture historical data is to attach these documents/photos as a note on the lot details page.

Once you've completed this for all your lots, you're ready to start recording cellar activities and assigning work orders! 

Congratulations! You've completed the 4 onboarding steps. 🎉

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