Getting Started with the Cost Tracking Feature

So you've just activated the costing feature for your winery. Fantastic! Let's get started.

If you are a new client to InnoVint, you'll want to get through the onboarding process first by setting up your lots, vessels, and volumes. If you're an existing client, make sure your inventory is up to date.

Next, choose a date (either today or a day in the recent past, such as the first of this month) that you want to establish all of your current lot costs. You and/or your accounting team may have an idea of your existing lot cost breakdown. (If not, you can just start tracking your costs going forward).


2 methods to get started:

Bulk Cost method (Recommended):

Enter in your starting bulk cost per lot using the "bulk wine" category. Make a note(s) that this is the starting cost of each lot (either as of today or a recent date in the past) now that you're using InnoVint. 

Bulk Cost


Itemized method:

If you know the cost category breakdown of each lot, great! You can add each cost category item (ie. additives, labor, fruit, etc) separately per lot for a more detailed starting point. 

Once recorded, this starting cost is set, and as lots are blended together these costs will be distributed according to our cost distribution rules.


Watch the video below on how to add a cost item: