InnoVint + TankNET Integration

When the TankNET integration with InnoVint is activated, InnoVint will pull data from your TankNET server(s) on a regular schedule and record as analysis in your account, saving you time and energy - especially during harvest!

This article covers:


  1. Contact TankNET directly to verify that you have their Pro version enabled
  2. InnoVint will need the name and email of an IT contact person at your winery. Our Development team will contact them directly to work out configuration with your TankNET server(s). 

How it Works

The integration works by converting TankNET readings into InnoVint analysis on Individual Vessels when the following conditions are met:

For Temperature:

  1. It has been >24 hours since InnoVint last recorded a reading for the tank (ensuring a minimum of one reading per day).
  2. There is a 1+ degree difference from the last reading. There is a limit on the number of readings that will be recorded: no more than one reading will be taken every 15 minutes.

For Brix:

  1. There is a new Brix reading

All analyses recorded via integration are Performed by Integrations InnoVint, with a Source of TankNET. 


Q:  I noticed that TankNET readings are no longer syncing to my account. What can I do?

A: We recommend the following: 

  1. Check that your server(s) is still online
  2. Ensure that the vessel IDs of your TankNET enabled vessels still match between TankNET and InnoVint
  3. Have your IT department contact


For pricing & information, please contact