Pre-Harvest InnoVint Checklist

Harvest is just around the corner, which means it's time to get your InnoVint account set up and ready for incoming fruit! Below you will find a checklist of some things you can do today to prepare. Click on the links for more information and instructions, and check out our overview video: "Spring Clean Your Winery for Harvest"!

1.  Set up your Harvest Settings (Admins only)

  • Receive Fruit options: Choose between the default Simple Receive Fruit action and the Advanced Receive Fruit action with InnoVint-generated weigh tags

For Advanced Receive Fruit users, see this article: Editing Weigh Tag settings in order to:

  • Make updates to your Deputy Weighmaster list or saved tare weights
  • To reset the starting weigh tag number for the new harvest year
  • Set the Expected Yield (volume/weight) per variety

2.  Enter all of your Vineyard sources

Now is a great time to enter in any new vineyard sources and also to edit any details and attributes of your current vineyards and blocks. 

3.  Enter all of your new Vessels

The pre-harvest rush isn't complete without a truck-load of deliveries! Including new barrels! Enter your new vessels into the system now to stay ahead of the game.  Have a big delivery? Try out a Vessel Import

4.  Create and save your Analysis Reports

Analysis Reports (by Lot Composite, Individual Vessel or Vineyard Block) allow you to tailor an analysis report to your specific needs. You can set filters and add analyses that are then saved for reference later.

5.  Create and save your Vineyard Block Analysis Reports

With the Advanced Vineyard Tracking feature, Vineyard Analysis Reports allow you to tailor an analysis report for tracking vineyard analysis per block. You can set filters and add analyses that are then saved for reference later.

6.  Utilize more Features!

  • Dry Goods Batch Tracking and Additions Calculator: Never run out of yeast or nutrients again! The Additive Batch Tracking and Additions Calculator can help you keep track of your harvest additions, make calculations based on editable default rates, and manage your additive inventory in real-time. 
  • ETS Integration: Consider activating the ETS Integration feature to simplify and streamline sampling and eliminate manual data entry.
  • The features below are available for an additional cost:
    • Owner-based Permissions System: Use the Owner-based Permissions System to manage custom crush clients, allowing you to grant limited access to owners and freeing you from the constant daily analysis and progress updates. Owners can log in and view their lots - and only their lots! - and with 4 different capability options in InnoVint, you can control their access and involvement in the process. Pricing based on subscription tier. 
    • COGS Tracking: Simply fill out the Fruit Cost Worksheet to get started tracking your CoGs from grape to bottle. 
    • Sparkling: Activate this feature to tracking your sparkling wines from harvest through aging, tirage, disgorging, and bottling. 
    • TankNET Integration: With this integration get your tank temperatures pulled directly into InnoVint from TankNET probes so that you always have the most up-to-date readings. 
    • VinWizard (Tank Controls): Push your InnoVint lot data into VinWizard. Please contact Support for more details.
    • AgCode (Vineyard Management): integration pending. Please contact Support for more details.
    • ERP (Finance/Accounting): Please contact Support for more details.

Feature pricing available upon request. Contact Support at for more information.

7.  Update Data in your Advanced Modules

  • COGS Tracking: Set costs for vineyard blocks and additives before harvest to track starting costs from the very beginning. If you have Contracts activated, enter all of your buy and sell vineyard contracts into the system.
  • Additive Batch Tracking and Additions Calculator: Add new additives and batches, update current on-hand inventory, and set default rates before harvest begins.
  • Owner-based Permissions System: Request to add or update any new bonds and update owner tags for vineyard sources, new barrels, and additives.

8.   Set up your Anton Paar DMA to export data

Many wineries use the Anton Paar DMA 35 to measure Brix in the cellar and lab. Configure your device to save the data for your fermenting lots and then spit it out into a handy-dandy csv file that downloads to your computer via Bluetooth. You can then take that csv file and upload it directly into InnoVint via the Analysis Import action, saving you time and eliminating data entry mistakes.

9.  Create your Fruit Lots

Fruit lots are vintage-specific lots to help you plan and track fruit from the vineyard to the crush pad.

10. Vineyard Maturity Tracking

Track vineyard events and analysis block-by-block, year-over-year.

11.  Schedule your incoming fruit!

Use work orders and templates to plan and schedule incoming fruit... for tomorrow or next week! If things change closer to your harvest date (and they always do!), drag-and-drop those work orders from within the calendar.


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