Vineyard Block Analysis Reports

A Vineyard Block Analysis Report gives you the ability to create analytical reports per block, tailored to your needs. InnoVint allows you to create multiple reports with custom analyses and specific filters. You can save these reports - including your filters - and come back to them at any time for reference. The filters and analysis values will update in real-time from your current data in the system.

This article covers:

How to create a vineyard block analysis report:

  1. Navigate to the Vineyard Dashboard
  2. Under reports, click on + Create New
  3. Begin by adding filters (eg vintage and tags) and then select desired analyses
  4. Click on Update Report. This will update the report on the screen 
  5. Save your report

    • If this is a new report, you will only see the option to Save as new report
    • If you want to modify an established report, and save it as a new separate report, then save your changes by clicking on Save as new report. This will prompt you for a new name and keep each report separate. 
    • If you want to modify an established report, click on Save report. This will save over the existing report. 

How to modify or delete a vineyard block analysis report

  1. Go to the report that you would like to modify or delete
    • To modify - you can add or remove analyses and change filters within the report. You can choose to Save report to override your previous version, or click on Save as new report to create a separate, modified version
    • To delete - click on Delete report to remove the report from your list  

Where to find vineyard block analysis reports

In your Report Explorer: find existing reports, or create a new report.

On your Vineyard Dashboard: link to existing reports or create a new report from the Report tile, or find a list of your reports in the Report meu.