Harvest Hub 2024

Here is a resource list for this year's harvest - all of the most updated Academy sessions in one place. This article links you to:

And if you are looking for written articles - all the Harvest Support articles are kept here.

Harvest Staff Training Course

Have seasonal staff that will be using InnoVint this harvest? Let us take the training off your plate! Check out our self-guided Harvest Training for Seasonal Staff course – your go-to guide for ensuring your seasonal team is up to speed with all the key harvest functions in InnoVint. 

This course is conveniently hosted on The Punchdown, your hub to mingle with winemaking peers and see what they're stirring up this busy harvest season! 

Click here to head directly to InnoVint U and select "Join Course."

The Punchdown_Harvest Training

The Nuts and Bolts: 2022 Harvest Academy (Part 1)

Start here! Learn the basics of harvest in InnoVint, including:

  • How to record harvest activities on the mobile app (1:45)
  • Where to find and change your harvest settings, such as expected yield and weigh tags (6:52)
  • How to schedule incoming fruit (11:31)
  • How to receive fruit, and process it to weight or volume (16:11)
  • How to complete harvest specific actions: bleeds, water additions, & inoculations (25:29)
  • Where to find and how to use harvest reports (33:31)


In the thick of it! 2022 Harvest Academy (Part 2) 

Learn about operations covering the "second half" of harvest, including:

  • How to use Fermentation Management Worksheets (FermGen) (1:38)
  • How to complete Drain & Press and Barrel Down actions (15:06)
  • What are Topping vs Top-Off actions (21:59)
  • Where to find Harvest Yields (30:01)
  • How to use Vineyard Contracts (32:38)
  • How to set up and use Custom Analysis Reports (37:26)


Common harvest workflow solutions: 2023 Harvest Academy

Here, we look specifically at harvest processes in InnoVint that can get complicated:

  • Learn tips to more easily schedule and process fruit (3:31)
  • View our suggestions on how to more efficiently manage harvest work orders and our Fermentation Management Worksheets (09:12)
  • See some specialized workflows for juice bleeds and water adds  (20:17)
  • Learn your options for adding volume to weight & how to perform action edits (32:05)
  • Get the best Harvest compliance pointers (49:43)


Mobile work orders: 2023 Harvest Work Orders in InnoApp  

Have an all (or partial) mobile workflow? Check out this academy covering the ins and outs of InnoApp's work order completion and submission:

  • Reviewing InnoApp navigation and the home screen (3:15)
  • Completing Receive and Process Fruit work orders (5:31)
  • Completing a work order with a Bleed/Saignée task, a Custom Task, and an Addition task (19:22)
  • Performing: 
    • Drain and Press Tasks (27:09)
    • Barrel Down Tasks (29:10)


Finished? 2022 Harvest Wrap Academy

Find all the tips for wrapping up after harvest in InnoVint:

  • How to bulk update Lot Stages (3:10)
  • How to bulk update Tax Classes (5:30)
  • Places to check for Post-harvest inventory clean up:
    • Adjusting on-hand amounts of additives in the Dry Goods Explorer (9:34)
    • Archiving any lingering Fruit Lots in the Fruit Lot Explorer (11:23)
    • Removing Case Goods lots as Taxpaid in the Case Goods Explorer (14:32)
  • How to set up Vessel Location Tracking (18:41)