Activating the Advanced Receive Fruit option to generate Weigh Tags

InnoVint's Advanced Receive Fruit option allows you to generate weighmaster certificates (or weigh tags) within InnoVint. The weighmaster certificates are compliant with the regulations and requirements set forth by the CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) and Napa County.

For a side-by-side comparison of InnoVint's Simple vs Advanced Receive Fruit options, see this article in the Support Center.

The article covers:

How to activate the Advanced Receive Fruit option:

  1. Turn on the feature by selecting "Enable advanced receive fruit system"
  2. Next, set the starting weigh tag number. Weigh tags will begin at this number and increase consecutively for each Receive Fruit action. The starting weigh tag number can be edited at any time. This allows you to set a starting weigh tag number for each vintage. The starting weigh tag number must be greater than the last weigh tag number generated by InnoVint. (Ex. The last weigh tag number generated by InnoVint is 18324. The next starting weigh tag number must be 18325 or greater.)
  3. You will now see a new tab under Settings: 
  4. In the Weigh Tag Settings tab you will be prompted to fill in the necessary information.
    • Weighmaster/Weighing Location: The name and address of the weighing facility where the scale is registered
    • Weighed For: InnoVint auto-populates this field on the weigh tag based on the bond name and address linked to the fruit lots received. To update the address for a bond please submit a request to InnoVint Support via the link in the upper right corner of the Support Center. Subject: Update bond information
    • Deputy Weighmasters: Name(s) of person(s) onsite registered as Deputy Weighmaster(s).
    • Tare containers: The tare weight of one or more weigh groups. Example: An individual MacroBin at 89.5 lbs and two (2) MacroBins at 89.5 lbs each.                

Note: In the Receive Fruit action or work order task, you will have the additional option of "Custom Container" to record the tare measurement of trucks and/or trailers.


How to Deactivate the Advanced Receive Fruit option:

If you decide that you'd rather use the Simple Receive Fruit action, contact InnoVint Support by submitting a ticket from within the Support Center, link located in the upper right corner. Subject: Deactivate Advanced Receive Fruit

Note: Only account Admins can activate or request to deactivate the Advanced Receive Fruit option.


Q. Is there an additional fee to activate the Advanced Receive Fruit option?

No. There is no additional fee for the Advanced Receive Fruit option. 

Q. I started harvest with the Simple Receive Fruit option, and then activated the Advanced Receive Fruit option. Can I print weigh tags for the fruit that was received via the simple option?

No. Weigh tags cannot be generated for any fruit that was received via the Simple Receive Fruit option.