Editing Weigh Tag settings

These options are only available if you have activated the Advanced Receive Fruit option. Click here for more information on how to activate this option.

Before Harvest each year you'll want to update your Weigh Tag settings. Only account Admins have access to weigh tag settings in InnoVint.

Weighing location

This will populate automatically if you have a single weighing location, and will be a dropdown menu if you have multiple weighing locations. The first weigh tag number, Weighmaster and Weighing address are specific to the selected location.

First weigh tag number

By changing the First weigh tag number, you are setting that number to begin as of today. All subsequent weigh tags generated in InnoVint will follow in sequential order. The First weigh tag number must be greater than all previous weigh tag numbers generated by InnoVint. Each weigh tag sequence is specific to the selected weighing location.

Example: In 2017, your starting weigh tag number was 17000. The last weigh tag number generated in InnoVint for the 2017 harvest was 17083. For 2018, you can edit your starting weigh tag number to any number greater than 17083.

Weighmaster & Weighing address

Weighmaster information is saved as text to populate your weigh tags. You can update and edit this information at any time. This information is specific to the selected weighing location.

Deputy Weighmasters

You can add or archive the names of your Deputy Weighmasters at any time. When completing a Receive Fruit action or task, you will select a Deputy weighmaster from a dropdown list. Archived Deputies will not appear in your dropdown list in an action or task. 

Deputy Weighmasters are "global," and shared for all Weighing Locations.  

To remove a deputy weighmaster from your account, please contact us at support@innovint.us.

Tare containers

Click on  to create new weighing containers. This will allow you to select your weighing containers from a dropdown list for each weighing group recorded in a Receive Fruit action or task.

Saved tares are "global," and shared for all Weighing Locations.  

Tip: If you weigh multiple containers at once (e.g. you weigh 2 MacroBins at a time), you can enter a container name to indicate how many bins you typically weigh per weighing group, the individual weight of each MacroBin, and set the default number of containers to the number of bins (e.g. 2). InnoVint will calculate the default total tare of your containers.