InnoApp: How to Add, Remove or Replace Vessel Tags

This article covers how to use Vessel tags in InnoApp:

InnApp doesn't yet support adding tags to Vineyards or Lots

Via the Quick Action menu

  • Find and select the Tag Vessels icon in your Quick Actions menu at the bottom of your homescreen.
  • Choose to either Add, Remove, or Remove & Replace tags on vessels. Then click on Select Tags to select an existing tag, or create a new one.
    • Use the Search function at the top right to find an existing tag,  if required.

    • To create a new tag, type the desired name, and click on Create Tag, then Select.
  • Add vessels by scanning QR codes.  InnoVint's mobile app features continuous scanning functionality, so you can scan as many QR codes as you want. Click on Done when you have completed scanning.
  • Confirm the total number of selected vessels, vessel codes and contents, and then Select Vessels.
  • You will see a final confirmation screen and a summary of the tag changes and total vessel count before you click Record. Your tags will update on all vessels. 

Via Vessel Details as an Action

  • Access the Vessel Details page via the Vessel Explorer, or by scanning the vessel's QR code.
  •  Tap the Record Action menu and select Tag.
  • You will see the same tagging interface as the Quick Actions "Tag Vessels" button, but with the vessel already preselected:
    • You may scan in additional vessels using the Add More option, if needed.
  • Confirm tag and vessel details, and then click on Record. Your tags will update.

Don't forget! All this data saves while you are off-line and out of range!

Demo Video (30 sec)