InnoApp: Vineyard

This article covers:

InnoApp: Vineyard Explorer

InnoApp: Vineyard Details 

InnoApp: Block Details

InnoApp: Vineyard Actions

InnoApp: Vineyard Explorer

InnoApp's Vineyard Explorer is the entry point for finding and recording data on the  vineyards and blocks you have in the system. The vineyards display in alpha/numeric order for scrolling. 

The Vineyard Explorer shows each vineyard and its appellation in the main view, including archived vineyards (sorted at the bottom).  The search field works on any text string.

InnoApp: Vineyard Details

Select any Vineyard via the Vineyard Explorer, and you are taken to the Vineyard Details page. This shows a summary of your vineyard attributes, including:

Appellation, Address, Grower, number of Blocks, total block area, number of varietals, tags, owner tags, and notes.

Below the summary, there are sections to view and access your Blocks, Events (across all blocks), and Notes.


By updating the vineyard address in the main desktop app, you'll see a map pin appear in InnoApp - click here and link straight to Google maps for directions! If you have a hard-to-find vineyard, this works with GPS coordinates too!


You can also Record Actions from the Vineyard Details page. This action link autofills any action with the vineyard, and requires you to select the block:

InnoApp: Block Details

From the Vineyard Details page, click into any Block to access the Block Details page. This page shows a summary of your individual block attributes, including:

Variety, Harvest Status flag (Unplanned, Forecast, Scheduled, Received, Received Partial - for the current harvest year), Clone, Area, Vine Spacing, Row Count, Trellising, Rootstock, and tags and notes.  

Below the summary, there are sections to view your Block Analyses (most recent analysis only), Block Events, and Notes.


Record Actions on the block via the block detail page - this autofills any selected action with the vineyard/block details:


InnoApp: Vineyard Actions

What actions can I perform on the Vineyard via InnoApp?

Add Note, Analysis, Vineyard Event and Crop Estimate are all accessible via the Record Action button in both the Vineyard and Block Detail pages. Analysis, Vineyard Events and Crop Estimates are all applied at the Block level. A Note is applied to the Vineyard OR to the Block, depending on where you access the Record Action button. 

Find more detailed information on recording Vineyard Events & Crop Estimates here

Don't forget! All of this data can be recorded while offline, and it will update in the cloud once you are back in range.

Add Notes:

Add new notes and photos to your vineyards and blocks using the Record Action button. If you access the Notes action from the Vineyard Details page, you are recording a Note on that Vineyard. If you access it from the Block Details page, you record the Note on the Block where you accessed the action. 

Record Analysis:

Add new analysis to Blocks using your pre-existing analysis panels, or select ad hoc analysis here. Block must be selected. Find out more about entering Vineyard Analysis here.

Record Vineyard Events:

Scouting? Record phenological data, application events or visual observations here. There must be a Block selected.

  • Phenological data: Track progress of Germination of Cover Crop, Budbreak, Bloom, Fruit Set, Hard Seed and Veraison via percentage.  
  • Application tracking: record events including Irrigation, Spraying, Pruning, Thinning, Training, Additions/Treatments, Cover crop/Weed control and Fruit Drop on a qualitative basis. Include as much information as you need in the "Details" field. 
  • Visual Observation: Record additional observations with the event types: Water status, Nutrient status, Soil conditions, Pest monitoring, and Disease monitoring. 

Record Crop Estimates:

Do you have that number ready? Put it in while you're on the go. This is applied at the Block level, and a Block must be selected.


NOTE: InnoApp does not support backdating actions. If you need to enter backdated actions, please use the main desktop/browser application. Check out our article on How to Record and Track Vineyard Data in the full desktop browser, and our other options for recording vineyard data, including imports!