InnoApp: Lots

InnoApp: Lot Explorer

InnoApp: Lot Details 

InnoApp: Lot Actions

InnoApp: Lot Explorer

The mobile Lot Explorer is the entry point for accessing any lots you have in the system. The entire lot list displays in alpha/numeric order for scrolling. This explorer includes juice/wine lots, fruit lots and case good lots. 

The Lot Explorer shows each lot (including the lot dot color) and its fill. 

From the Lot Explorer, lot are searchable by entering text into the search filter. You can search by lot type (especially useful for looking for CG- and FL- lots) and lot code. 

You will also see a status flag on a lot in the Lot Explorer if the lot is archived (archived lots are still available and searchable in the Explorer, but sorted at the bottom). 

InnoApp: Lot Details

By clicking on any of the lots in the Lot Explorer, you are taken to the Lot Details Page, which gives an even more in-depth view of that lot.  From this page you can view: Lot Contents (volume), Vintage, Varietal, Lot Stage, Lot Tax Class, the number and type of filled vessels, tags, owner tags, open work order icons (tap to view a list and access any open work order), notes (tap the link to view All Notes), the most recent analyses (with a link to All Analysis), and the history associated with the lot (with a link to View all History). 

You can record actions here, too, as well as add and view notes. 


Here are some additional details on the data that you have available within this screen:

  • Vintage/Varietal: Tap on Vintage or Varietal, and see the detailed Lot Composition


  • Vessel icon(s): Tap on a Vessel icon in the Lot Details Page to find a list of all the vessels in the lot. Tapping into an individual vessel here will take you to that vessel details page. 


  • Work Order icon(s): Tap into Work Order icons to see the list of open work orders related to the lot. Tap into an individual work order to see details, and complete or submit the work order.


  • Lot Analyses: InnoApp will display the most recent Lot Stage analysis on the Lot details page. See more information about which analysis populates the dashboard by Lot Stage here. Tap All Analyses to access a full list of analyses recorded on the lot. This is only available online unless you have the lot favorited. If the lot is a favorite, then you will be able to access the first 30 results while offline.  
  • Lot History: View a history of actions recorded on the lot. 

  • Lot Notes: View previously recorded Notes and add Notes here. Tap All Notes to see all notes recorded on the lot.

InnoApp: Lot Actions

Currently, a limited number of direct actions are available on InnoApp: 

Don't forget! All of this data can be recorded while offline, and it will update in the cloud once you are back in range. Full lot details are available offline for recently accessed or favorited items. Remember to favorite Lots you want to access while offline!

  • Note: record a written or photo note for your lot using this Record Action menu, or use the "Add Note" button in the Lot Details Notes section (bottom of the page).
  • Analysis
    • Choose between Lot Composite or Individual Vessel analysis types
    • Use any pre-existing panel that you have in your account, or select specific types
    • Change the result units by tapping on them and toggling through your options
    • Use "Edit Analyses" to add or remove the selected Analysis types
  • Sugars & Temp: This is a shortcut option to record your harvest analyses. The sugar unit (Brix/Baumé) will default per your account settings, and all you need to do is enter the result!
  • Custom Action: Use this like you would a regular custom action - a flexible, editable action that will be applied to the lot. Custom Actions can be used to apply actions or give instructions for activities that are not covered in InnoVint's current list of actions. This can include things like sanitizing tanks, laying out barrels, scheduling staff meetings, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  • Pumpover/Punchdown/Delestage/Pulsair/Dry Ice/Stir: All your fermentation management and harvest activities are here for you to record on the lot.