InnoApp: How to update Vessel Location

InnoApp's quick, continuous scanning function makes it a great tool for updating or clearing your vessel locations.

Need to find out more about how InnoVint helps you manage Vessel Locations? Check out this article first to get started. 

This article covers:

How to update a vessel location

  1. Navigate to the Vessel Details page
  2. Click on the blue pencil next to the location field:
  3. Select the location
  4. Record location

NOTE: InnoApp does not yet support setting a vessel position

How to update vessel locations in bulk

  1. Access this function via your Quick Actions menu (scroll towards the bottom of the home page):
  2. Select "Scan Vessels" to begin scanning your vessels: 
  3. You can scan one QR Code after another, continuously. InnoVint will never record a duplicate QR code - you will see "Already Selected" if you scan the same code twice. Click "Done" after scanning all barrels:
  4. Confirm the total number of vessels and their contents.
    • You can continue scanning additional vessels by clicking on "Add More," to the upper right (in blue).
    • If you need to start over, click on "Deselect All", at the top right of the screen.
    • When you're happy, click on "Select Vessels":
  5. Select the new vessel location in a few clicks: 
     a.   b.    c. 
  6. Confirm your selections and record!
  7. View your new vessel locations throughout InnoVint:
    Via Lot Details / Vessels

    In the Vessel Explorer

    See the location on an individual vessel in the app

How to clear vessel locations in bulk

Follow the steps above through 5b. Instead of selecting a location, click on "Clear Location", and then "Record" to save the update.   


All selected vessels will clear their current locations. 

If, for any reason, you want to see the past location of a vessel, you can do that in the Vessel History / Vessel location history.

Read more here



Q: Can I set the vessel position on the mobile app?

A: No, InnoApp currently only allows you to set the location, not a specific position (what you would most likely use to track individual barrels and/or racks).  You can set a vessel position in the main desktop browser interface via the individual vessel's details page, or the bulk Manage Vessels menu. Find out how here.

Q: Can I update locations offline?

A: Yes! InnoApp stores information offline until you are back in range of a signal. Then location data will be uploaded to the cloud, and throughout your InnoVint apps. 



Video Demo

Check out a quick video demo here (don't worry it's only 25 seconds!).