InnoApp: What are my Quick Actions?

This article provides a summary of the following Quick Action functions on InnoVint's InnoApp homescreen. Get straight into data entry on your mobile device without any additional clicks:

Don't forget! All this data saves while you are off-line and out of range!

Scan QR Code

Jump straight into the scanning screen so you can scan a vessel QR code and find out what's inside! The QR code will take you straight to the vessel's details page

Tag Vessels

Use this Quick Action to scan vessel QR Codes, and add, remove, and update Tags on multiple vessels almost instantly. Find more details here.

Update Vessel Locations

Use your phone and vessel QR Codes to quickly select and update one or more vessel locations (but not positions) with just a few "clicks". Find more details on how to update locations on InnoApp here.  Read an overview on the Vessel Location Tracking module here.

Photo Note

Fun fact: this doesn't exist yet! We got excited, but for now, you'll have to access photo notes via the note functions that exist in the Lots, Vessels, Vineyard and Block screens. 

Record Action

A mighty tool for harvest: record pumpovers, punchdowns, stirring, dry icing, delestage and pulsair actions right from your phone. You can even enter any kind of custom action you want on a Lot from your mobile app.  You can also record these actions from the Lot, or Vessel Details pages.  


Record Analysis

Record Lot or Vineyard Block Analyses quickly. 

Use any existing panels in your account, or add ad hoc results as needed, wherever you are.


Record Sugars/Temps for Harvest

If you are using printed Fermentation worksheets, use this quick link to record your Brix (or Baumé) and temps. 

Record Vineyard Event

Jump directly into a menu of recordable events, then select your vineyard and block to record events out in the field.  See more information on Recording Vineyard Events here

Crop Estimate

A one tap, one screen portal to record your estimates and any other details. 

Don't forget! All this data saves while you are off-line and out of range.