How to Record Analysis via Direct Action or Work Order Task

Recording Analysis

Analysis data can be recorded on one or more fruit, juice/wine lots, case good lots, or on one or more individual vessels.

This article covers:

For other options on how to record Analysis data in InnoVint (e.g. Analysis Import, our ETS Integration, or InnoApp), please see our overview article: Options to Record Analysis Data.

Recording analysis as a direct action



Scheduling analysis in a work order

For detailed instructions on how to create a single work order, click here .


Run out of reagent?  Leave skipped analyses fields blank when completing the task, and you can submit other completed results with no issue. 

How to edit or delete analysis

To edit or delete analysis on an individual Lot

Go to your Lot details page, the Analysis tab, and select All analyses in a list:

The Edit Analysis window only allows you to change the analysis value. To change any other attributes (e.g. date, source, etc.), you will need to delete and re-enter the analysis data.

You will see a confirmation screen before InnoVint deletes your selected analysis.

To delete an entire Analysis action:

Find the Analysis action detail page, either via searching the Winery Activity Feed, or the Lot details History tab.

Within the Action details page, you can delete the entire action, edit the Lab source on the action, or edit the individual analyses on the action.