Assigning Fruit Costs to Vineyard Blocks (Direct costs)

Whether your winery is farming estate vineyards or sourcing fruit from other vineyard owners, the cost of each vineyard block or the price of the fruit can be applied at any time in InnoVint. These costs will be distributed to the lots that inherit composition from these blocks.

This cost or price assignment is applied per vintage to all fruit brought in via Receive Fruit action. Direct fruit costs can be added or edited at any time, before or after the fruit has been received. Direct fruit costs will be reflected in the costing history of a lot after all fruit received from a block is tracked in volume (ie after Process to Volume, Juice Bleed/Saignée, and/or Drain & Press).

There are three methods to enter in your direct fruit costs:

  • Fruit Cost Worksheet - to apply costs/prices to many blocks at once (recommended: the most efficient)
  • Vineyard Explorer - to apply costs/prices to one block at a time
  • Contracts - to set costs/prices within a vineyard contract (** requires activation of the Advanced Vineyards feature)

(Alternative method: Fruit costs can also be applied to a lot as an overhead cost item, rather than entering costs on the block level. To detail this option, click here)



Assigning costs using the Fruit Cost Worksheet


This tool is valuable for fast and easy data entry of all your fruit costs for the coming vintage. The fruit cost worksheet allows you to work with costs from the previous vintage, or set new costs per vineyard block.

To navigate to the Fruit Cost Worksheet:


From here, the previous vintage cost can be viewed. These costs can be copied to the current vintage or new cost information can be entered per block.

From the blue 'NEW [YEAR] COST' drop down, your selection options are:

2021 Unit Cost

  • Previous vintage - copy costs from the previous vintage to the current/new vintage
  • $ [   ] apply - enter a value to apply to the entire worksheet, and across all pages

Your unit options are:

unit options

  • Previous vintage - copy whatever unit was used from the previous vintage
  • per acre - cost is set based on the total acreage of the block
  • per ton - cost is set based on the total tonnage received from that block
  • per block - cost is flat (regardless of acreage or tonnage) for the fruit received from that block

Once a value and unit are selected, the row will highlight green, indicating that the cost has been changed and will be applied:

assign costs in fruit cost worksheet

Once applied, you'll see the current vintage 'cost' column update, as well as the current vintage 'Est. Total Cost' column, if the system can calculate the expected cost of that block based on average yields. This value is great for budgeting purposes to help understand cash flow for the given year.

fruit cost worksheet



Assigning costs in the Vineyard Explorer


Block costs can be applied via the Block Details page as well.

To navigate here: Go to  vineyards icon  in the left navigation bar and go to the Vineyard Explorer. Select a vineyard, then, select a block. Go to the 'Vintages' tab.

fruit costs in vineyard explorer

If the vintage exists, you can click on 'edit cost' to set, edit, or delete the cost information. If it does not exist yet, you can click "Add vintage" to add that year, then set the cost.


Setting fruit costs in a vineyard contract 


This option requires activation of the Advanced Vineyards feature.

To begin, click on  vineyards icon   in the left navigation bar. Then go to the Contract Explorer.

Go to add contract in the top right corner of the Contract Explorer.

Under Vineyard, blocks and vintages: For each block and vintage, enter the cost and select the unit (per ton, acre, or block). If you enter a price per ton, also enter the contracted tonnage.

If the cost and unit remain consistent across vintages, click on Apply to all vintages.

setting fruit costs in vineyard contract

Note: Costs added or updated via any of these methods will be reflected across the platform. For example, if costs are added in a Contract, it will also display those same costs in the Fruit Cost Worksheet and under the Vintages tab in the Block details page. Costs entered in the Fruit Cost Worksheet or in the Vintages tab will update the costs in the Contract (if one has been created). For costs entered via any of these methods, InnoVint will use the most recent entry to update the other(s).