Volume Adjustment

The volume adjustment action can be used to remedy errors in data entry, to account for spillage and inventory losses, for initial onboarding of lots into InnoVint, and other miscellaneous reasons in accordance with proper TTB reporting.

The Volume Adjustment reasons all correspond with lines on the 5120.17 report so you can accurately and easily track your inventory in compliance with the TTB.

This article covers:

Volume adjustments for Juice/Wine lots

Select the 'Volume Adjustment' action from the Record Action dropdown in the top bar, or from the Lot details page.

Volume Adjustment actions can only be recorded on juice and wine lots tracked in volume.


Volume Adjustments for Case Goods

First, select the Case Goods lot. You can navigate to the lot by going to the Case Goods Explorer and clicking on the Case Goods lot code, or by searching via the global search bar at the top of your screen. From the Lot Details page, click 'Record Action' in the top right and then select the 'Volume Adjustment' action.


Q. Why can't I schedule a Volume Adjustment in a work order?

Volume adjustment actions are only available as direct actions. InnoVint does not currently support weight and volume adjustment tasks in work orders.

If you need to schedule a Weight Transfer or Adjustment, we recommend using a Custom Task in a work order. Once the work order is complete and submitted, then record a Weight Transfer or Adjustment as a direct action.

Q. What reason do I choose for a volume adjustment on a declared wine lot?

The TTB has provided a guide to the 5120.17 Report here.  We recommend reviewing these documents to determine the best option for your volume adjustment. The reason you choose in InnoVint corresponds with the lines detailed in the documents.

Q. What reason do I choose for a volume adjustment on an undeclared juice lot?

Any losses or gains, for any reason, recorded as a Volume Adjustment on juice lots will populate the 5120.17 TTB report on Page 2, Part VII - In Fermenters End of Period, Column (a), Line 1. To Receive Juice into your bond, please refer to our Support Center article here: Receive Juice.

Q. I selected the wrong reason! Can I change it?!

Yes! From the recorded Action details page, click on the blue pencil next to the Reason to edit. Keep in mind that changing the reason will make changes on the TTB report, effective as of the date that the action was recorded. The TTB has provided detailed instructions for each line of the 5120.17 Report here which correspond to the same 'Reasons' in the dropdown list in InnoVint.