Vessel Details Page

Navigate to the Vessel Details page by selecting a vessel from the Vessel Explorer

On this page, you can see:

  • The vessel code
  • Current lot information, such as lot code, fill, and stage.
  • Owner tags (if applicable) and Tags. Add or Edit these here using the blue pencil.
  • Vessel attributes
    • Location. Edit an individual vessel location and position here. Learn more about how to set and manage vessel locations here
    • Attributes such as vessel type, capacity and other cooperage details
  • Notes recorded on the vessel. Add new notes here.
  • The most recent analysis recorded on the lot in this vessel. Clicking on the analysis will take you to the Lot Details/Analysis page. 
  • Vessel activity:
    • View and click into open work orders involving this vessel.
    • Vessel history:
      • Click on any historic action item to see the complete details of that action.
      • Export the action history.
      • View the Vessel location history.

  • Use the 'More' dropdown in the upper right to manage the vessel, including edit vessel attributes (cooper, toast, etc) or to print a single new QR code label.  Find out how to print in bulk here, and how to edit vessels in bulk here.

The vessel can be deleted only if it has no history associated with it, meaning it has never been filled with a lot or had an action taken on it (including deleted actions).

If a vessels has had actions recorded on it, we recommend archiving the vessel to remove it from your current inventory.