Analysis Reporting

InnoVint generates various reports and provides severals ways to view and track your analysis data within the platform. Below you'll find details on different options.

This article covers:

View analysis per lot (from Lot Details page)

Dashboard snapshot

Take a quick glance at the most recent analyses recorded on your lot.

The analysis displayed on the Lot Details Dashboard is dependent on the current stage of the lot.

Analysis tab

Grouped by date


Grouped by vessel






All analyses in a list


Winemaking Analysis Reports

Go to Settings to view pre-set analysis reports.

Primary Fermentation report

The Primary Fermentation report is a vessel-by-vessel report of all lots in the Processed, Settling, Cold Soak, and Fermentation stages. The vessel filter also defaults to show only tanks and bins. The Stage and Vessel Type filters can be altered to include or exclude different stages or vessel types. 

This report lists the vessel code, lot code, and lot name. For each vessel, InnoVint calculates the number of days since the vessel was filled and displays the current fill in weight or volume and the last recorded action. Analysis data includes the most recent sugar reading (Brix, Baumé, Glu/Fru, residual sugar, etc) and temperature.

ML Fermentation report

The ML Fermentation report is a lot-by-lot report of all lots in the ML and Aging stages. Adjust the filters at the top to narrow your search.
This reports lists the lot code and lot name, along with the current fill and lot tags. The most recent Barrel Down and Topping action dates are also displayed for each line. The analysis data includes the 3 most recent sugar (Brix, Baumé, Glu/Fru, residual sugar, etc.) and malic acid readings.


Custom Analysis Reports

For more information on how to create and save Custom Analysis Reports, follow the link HERE.

Edit or Delete Analyses

From the Lot Details page

To edit or delete an individual analysis value, go to the Lot Details page > Analysis tab > All analyses in a list.

Note: You can also edit or delete analyses from the Brix/Temp and Graph sub-tabs. The analyses on those pages are specific to the values that are displayed.

The Edit Analysis window only allows you to change the analysis value. To change any other attributes (e.g. date, source, etc.), you will need to delete and re-enter the analysis data.


From the Winery Activity Feed

To delete an Analysis or Analysis Import action, go to the Winery Activity Feed and click into the details of the action you would like to edit or delete.

From the action details page, you can delete the analysis action or edit the analysis value within the action details page.