Stability & Aging Report

This report structure is built on our custom reporting technology (find out how Custom Reports work here), and is throughly flexible to arrange the data you need to see when evaluating your wines. The Stability & Aging Report defaults to display:

  • all lots that are in the Aging, Blending or Pre-Bottling Stabilization stages
  • columns to surface the last racking and topping dates
  • the most recent three VA results (either Lot Composite or Individual Vessel)
  • the most recent three FSO2 results (either Lot Composite or Individual Vessel)

However, these columns and filters are truly flexible and can also be altered to include or exclude different stages, additional data columns, and even analysis trendlines. 

Use the Column and Filter selectors on the righthand of the screen to add more data points, analysis types or desired lot attributes. 

  • Results can sorted by clicking on any of the headers within the report.

  • Search for lots within the text filter to narrow down search results.

  • Use filters to search for certain results (i.e. above or below a specific threshold)
  • Please note that the selected columns and filters on this report will not be saved when you leave the page.
  • This report does not instantaneously refresh, but you can see the time stamp (approximately every hour) in the top right hand corner of the report.