Which application do I use?

InnoVint has one app for mobile devices, as well as our "desktop" browser app (the one you use on your computer). 
Here's what you will need to know about the best app to use, and when:

1. InnoVint's mobile app, a.k.a. InnoApp
  • Supports:
    • Offline functionality (saves your data entry when you don't have a signal!)
    • Inventory lookup for lots, vessels and vineyards
    • QR code scanning (continuous scanning for all those barrels!)
    • Vessel Location updates
    • Quick action entry: adding tags, recording brix and fermentation management actions, and recording vineyard analysis, events and crop estimates
    • Completion and submission of work orders
  • This app works on both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets
  • Access this app by going to https://mobile.innovint.us, and then adding the app icon to your home screen (follow the instructions on the link, or find them here).
  • Dive deeper with this overview.

Looking for our mobile app that used to be in the Apple Store? InnoVint's original iOS Work Order App is no longer available or supported.  Please make the switch to InnoApp! Simply go to the website on your mobile device, and save it to your home screen - no app store required. 

2. Desktop browser application
  • Supports:
    • Everything! You can do everything from the desktop browser version (this includes scanning QR codes on devices - such as tablets - that are equipped with cameras)
  • Access the desktop app via your web browser on a computer or tablet by going to  https://cellar.innovint.us/
    • The Chrome browser is always recommended, unless you are on an iPad (use Safari).

    • Find out more about tablet tips here.