How to Remove Case Goods as Taxpaid

This article covers:

How to Record a Remove Taxpaid Action

  1. Go to the 'Remove Taxpaid' action from the Record Action dropdown
  2. Lot - Select your Case Goods lots from the lot dropdown or lot picker.
  3. Reason - The reason is pre-selected to properly report on the TTB 5120.17.
  4. Remove - Check the box to remove the entire lot, or enter the number of pallets, cases, and bottles
  5. New on hand - InnoVint calculates the new on hand value for the lot, as well as the total bottles removed and total volume removed.
  6. Destination (optional) - Select a location from the dropdown. (Learn more about Locations here.)
  7. Stage - Check the box to change the lot stage upon submission. InnoVint defaults to 'Taxpaid'. Select another option from the dropdown if required.
  8. Archiving - Check the box to archive the lot if it is emptied in this action
  9. Generate Bill of Lading - Check the box to prompt the BOL slide over after submission.

This action is required to populate the "Removed Taxpaid" line 8 (Section B) on the TTB Report.  Independently changing the Case Good lot stage to "Taxpaid" will not remove inventory or update on the TTB Report. Want to track your taxpaid wines in InnoVint? See this article about "Managing Offsite Case Goods Inventory" for some tips. 

Reporting on Taxpaid Inventory

Go to the Report Explorer and find the Taxpaid report under Activity Reports.

Select a start and end date, then download the report to create a .csv file. This file lists all 'Remove Taxpaid' actions recorded within the date range, along with involved lots and total volume removed.

Changing a Case Good lot stage to "Taxpaid" will not cause that case good lot to populate this report.  You must complete a Remove Taxpaid action.