Managing Offsite Case Goods Inventory in InnoVint

InnoVint's Case Goods Management module is optimized to manage case goods in on-site inventory. By default, when case good inventory is removed from bond in InnoVint, the inventory is also transferred out of InnoVint. 

To track Case Goods stored at an offsite location/bond in your InnoVint account, we recommend the following alternate workflow:  

  1. Contact to add the offsite bond to your InnoVint account. Please provide the actual legal name and bond number or request a "phantom" bond. 
  2. Ensure that you have both your location and the destination set up as locations under Settings (you'll need this later). Learn how to add locations here
  3. From your Case Goods Explorer, select the Case Goods lot to be transferred and either take note of or export the lot composition from the composition tab (you'll need this later too)
  4. From the lot's details page, Record action > B2B Transfer Out (fill this out as you would normally - using the location that you created earlier)
  5. From the Case Goods Explorer, select Add Case Good Lot
    1. Create a new Case Good lot code for the inventory stored offsite. Ensure that you select the offsite bond/phantom bond during lot creation. 
      1. Be sure to input the same composition as the lot that you transferred out (see lot composition that you saved earlier)
      2. If the composition is large or complex, you may prefer to use the Lot Import function instead
  6. From the Case Goods Explorer, select the new Case Goods lot that you just created
  7. From the lot's details page, Record action > B2B Transfer In (select your on-site location as the location that you are transferring from)
Once the above steps are complete, you will see the case goods inventory that is stored in the offsite location visible in your Case Goods Explorer. You can now filter by bond to see what is in bond at each location. 

Additional Notes:

  • Use case goods lot Stages to further define the status of the case goods lots
  • Steps 4 and 7 will populate the TTB reports accordingly, respective to each bond
  • Use the Volume Adjustment, B2B Transfer, or Remove Taxpaid Case Goods actions to adjust or remove off-site inventory moving forward.
****Please note that Lot Packaging History and Lot Cost History do not transfer to the new case goods lot at this time.**** 
    • Packaging history will be retained on the original case goods lot (now archived)
    • Add a Cost Item to populate starting costs on the offsite Case Goods lot