Steps to Record Piquette Wine during Harvest

  1. After receiving the fruit, record a Process Fruit to Volume action for the originating white/rosé lot BUT leave some weight unprocessed (even if it's a small amount, ex: less than a ton)
  2. Then record a Process Fruit to Weight action and process the remainder of that tonnage to create the Piquette lot.
    1. In this action, you can also combine multiple fruit lots to process into a single juice lot
  1. Record a Custom Action to document the water addition
  2. Optional last step - either:
    1. Update expected yield on the Piquette lot to reflect the water addition, OR
    2. Record a Weight Adjustment action to bring the tonnage on the Piquette lot up (which will reflect in the estimated yield)
The benefit of this workflow and using some of that unprocessed fruit from the first action is that it 1) carries the composition forward from the originating fruit lot AND 2) it carries any fruit cost through to the Piquette lot.
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