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How to record a water addition

InnoVint does not have a specific water addition task or action, and we do not recommend using the Addition action or task to record a water addition to increase the gallonage. Below are some options for recording a water addition in InnoVint:  

This article covers:

Water addition without a volume change

There are 2 options to make a water addition to a juice or wine lot without recording a change in volume.

a) Record a Custom Action or add a Custom Task in a work order. b) Request a water add within a note or details of any action or task (ex. Add a note to an Addition task: "Mix in 60 gal water".)  

Water addition with a volume change

For a juice (undeclared) lot:

To increase the volume of your juice lot due to a water add:

  1. Record a Custom Action or add a Custom Task to a work order, or request a water add in a note within an action or task (see above)
  2. Record a Volume Adjustment, selecting 'Produced by Amelioration' as your reason.

 For a declared wine lot:

 To increase the volume of a finished, declared wine lot due to a water add:

  1. Record a Volume Adjustment to remove the required fill from the wine lot


2.   (Optional) Record a Custom Action (or assign a Custom Task in a work order)

3.   Record a Volume Adjustment to add the total gallons of the lot after the water addition


** Following these steps will report on Page 1, Columns (a), (b), and (c), lines 6 and 21,  of the 5120.17 TTB Report.

Water addition to a lot tracked in tons (undeclared juice lot)

Water additions to fermenting lots can be recorded as separate Custom Actions or assigned as a Custom Task in a work order. You can also request a water add as a note on any action or task, for example within an Addition task (see above).

Recording a water addition as a custom action/task will NOT update the expected yield of the lot. To change the expected yield, go to the Lot Details page and click on the blue pencil beside the Expected Yield to open the pop-up.

** Following the steps above will report on Page 2, Part VII - in fermenters end of period (gallons), Column (a), line 1 - in fermenters (estimated quantity of liquid), of the 5120.17 TTB Report.