4/28/2023 Release Notes: Action Edit Capability, Dry Goods Tag Visibility, and Metric Units for Fruit Costing

Release Notes from April 28, 2023 include:


Improved action edit capability

We know that we all make mistakes, and that it can be challenging to fix them.  We have increased the capability of users with Admin permissions to edit actions with up to 50 dependent actions, using the available "Edit action" button on submitted actions. Find out more about all action edit functionality here.   


Metric units have been added to Vineyard Contracts and the Fruit Cost Worksheet

When using the COGS Tracking module, our wineries outside the US can now set their cost units by hectares, or their fruit weight unit (kilograms or tonnes).

Tags will display on Dry Good Batches within Addition & Bottling actions

Not sure which batch is which when selecting packaging or additive batches in an action?

If you tag your batches, you can now view those tags within the batch selector to make it easier on you when completing actions and tasks. This applies to the batch selector for additions and bottling/add packaging actions (and tasks). 

Recent Analyses Export includes the analysis source

If you need to bill for external lab analysis, or just want to see how numbers compare in-house to ETS, we now include the Lab Source in the Recent Analysis Report export. 

Bug Fixes

  • Bottling Report export issues: Bottling action dates were not correct (converted to GMT) and the Export by Case Good was not reporting individual case good lot totals. 
  • Tags were not saving when adding new tags to Packaging and Additive batches.
  • The varietal filter in the Lot Explorer did not work for lots created with bulk components.