How to Edit or Delete Recorded Actions


This article covers:

How to edit an action

  • Actions that are always available for edit:
    • Addition actions and Custom actions are not subject to dependent action restrictions, and can always be edited. 
    • Analysis actions are also not subject to dependent action restrictions, and you can edit the result, units, and date/time anywhere that you find the analysis  edit button .
    • If costing is available in your account, cost items are also always available for editing, including the date.
  • Actions with no Dependent Actions:

It is possible for users (with permission levels: Team Member cannot Submit, Team Member or Admin) to edit the most recent action that does not have any dependent actions.  When an action is available for editing, you will see the Edit action button at the top of the action details page.

Once you click on "Edit action," fields that are possible to edit will show as available for text entry or selection. These available fields may vary by action.

In some cases, the best way to change the details of a submitted work order or recorded action may be to delete the action entirely, and re-enter the information. This often includes cases that require changing or removing an involved lot, editing the date, or changing another element that is not available to edit.

If an action is not available for editing because it has limiting dependent actions, the "Edit action" button will be hidden, and the user will only see the "View dependent actions list" and "Delete action" buttons:

  • Actions with Dependent Actions:

It is possible for users with the permission level Admin to edit some actions that show related dependent actions, and Admins will continue see the "Edit action" button available for actions with Dependent Actions. 

Editing an action is a nuanced function and subject to various system restrictions. 

    • Only Admins have access to this type of action edit.
    • Admins can only edit a limited number of actions (the selected action and up to 50 dependent actions). You will see an error message if the system calculates at least 50 dependent actions:
    • As mentioned above, this edit feature will not impact cost item or analysis or addition edits as these action types are not restricted by dependent actions.
    • Action editing can be complex and you may come across error messages if InnoVint cannot edit the action for one reason or another. Please reach out to Support if needed. 
  • What does an edited task look like?
    A task whose action has been edited will show an "Edited" tag next to the task in the Work Order, and the task will always link to the most recently edited version of the action. 

    An original action will also show an "Edited tag" and link to the most recent version of the action. 

To delete an action:

Once a work order or direct action is submitted/recorded, it cannot be deleted unless it is the most recent recorded action.  

To attempt an action deletion:
  1. Navigate to the Action details page.  To find the Action details page: 
    Click on the blue arrow at the far right of the action summary in the History tab of the Lot Details page, or in the Winery Activity Feed.
    Or, from the Work Order details page, click on "View action" at the top of each task.
  2. Click "Delete Action" in the upper right corner.
  3. A pop-up window will appear to verify the deletion.

If there are any dependent actions, you might get an error message like this one:

You will continue to get this error message until all dependent actions have been removed.

4.      What does a deleted action look like?

         Deleted actions will have a deleted tag next to the action title in the Action details.  


Find your deleted actions via the Winery Activity Feed, by clicking on the "Export Deleted Actions", next to the regular "Export" button at the top right.

To view dependent actions:

Go to the Action Details page and click on "View dependent actions list".

That will open this page in InnoVint 👇


The list of dependent actions displays all actions that will prevent you from deleting or editing an action.

In the example above, the Barrel Down and Blend actions in the dependent actions list will prevent the Top Off action from being edited or deleted. The Barrel Down and Blend actions will need to be deleted before the Top Off action can be edited or deleted. Then the Barrel Down and Blend actions will need to be re-recorded as well. 


Q. What is a dependent action?

A. Dependent actions refer to all movement actions recorded on the lot and/or any involved vessels. Movement actions are any action in InnoVint that have the potential to change volume or vessels. Non-movement actions include Additions, Analysis, and Custom Actions.

Q. Why does the dependent actions list show actions for unrelated lots?

A. Dependent actions include any movement actions recorded on involved vessels. For example, imagine this sequence of events:

- Lot A was transferred from Tank 1 to Tank 22

- Lot X was racked into Tank 1

- Lot X was barreled down

In this scenario, the Rack action and the Barrel Down action would be dependent actions if you tried to delete or edit the Transfer action on Lot A, because Tank 1 has since been involved in other movement actions.

Q. Can I edit the date on an action?

A. InnoVint does not support editing dates on actions.  If you need to change the date that an action took place, you will need to delete the action, and re-enter it with the correct date, with the following exceptions:

Analysis and Cost item actions do allow date edits. 

Analysis actions on Fruit lots, Juice/wine lots, Case Good lots and Vineyard block analyses are fully editable.

  • Editing analysis is accessed anywhere you can find the edit button
    • In an Analysis action detail page (for individual analysis entries, as well as Import actions)
    • In the Lot details/Analysis tab via All analysis in a list & Sugar/temp pages
  • If you are editing an individual vessel analysis, you will be permitted to change the date to any time the lot is in that vessel.
  • Editing any value in this screen will update the Performed by person on all analyses in the original action.

Add/remove cost actions are fully editable. 

  • All fields on a cost action are editable, including cost category, details, total cost, effective at date/time and involved lots (see open fields in the screenshot):  
  • If you change the date/time on a cost action, you will need to re-select lots via the lot picker.