How to Add Packaging to Case Goods

Need to add labels to your shiners after bottling? Or re-pack your case goods with new packaging items? Record an 'Add packaging' action or task to apply packaging items to your case goods!

How to record an Add Packaging action

  1. Go to the 'Add packaging' action from the Record Action dropdown. Alternatively, an 'Add packaging' task can be added to a work order.
  2. Lot - Select your Case Goods lots from the lot dropdown or lot picker
    • Add Packaging to - Check the box to add packaging to the entire lot, or enter the number of pallets, cases, and bottles
  3. Transfer to - Select to 'Retain Case Goods lot', 'Combine with an existing Case Goods lot' (both lots must have the exact same composition), or 'Create a new Case Goods lot'.
    • Packaging - Click on 'Edit packaging' to select and enter your packaging products, batches, used and scrap amounts