How to Change Lot Stage

Lot stages can be changed at any point in time from the Lot Details Page. Lot stages should be changed whenever the lot is complete with one phase of its life, such as finishing primary fermentation and moving to malolactic fermentation. Stages are primarily helpful for reporting; when you are working with lots or viewing lots in a report or Explorer, you can always filter the lots by Stage.

Changing the lot stage does not impact your TTB Reporting or update a lot's tax class. Find out how to update tax class on a lot here

This article covers how to change the stage of a lot:

From the Lot Details page

Click on the blue pencil next to your current stage to select a new stage.

From within an action or work order task

Stages can be selected within actions and tasks. For example, when going through the Process Fruit to Tons task, you can select to change the Lot Stage at the conclusion of that task.


The Addition action allows user to change the stage of all lots involved at one time. This increases efficiency and is very useful tool when adding Yeast to change lot stages from Processed to Fermenting, or when adding SO2 to change the lot stage from ML to Aging. 

In bulk

Go to the Lot Explorer and click on the Manage Lots button in the top right corner. Select Set stage across lots.

Choose your lots from the lot picker, then select a stage from the Stage dropdown. Click on Set Stage to change the stage for the selected lots.