Cost Report Descriptions

You can access Costing Reports from the Costing Explorer.

Cost Report Descriptions

This article covers:

Cost Item Report

This report displays the overhead cost items recorded, with the most recent at the top. You can search by lot code and cost category. If a row is selected, it'll take you to the cost item detail page, where the entry can be viewed in detail and edited if needed.

The report can be exported to csv at any time by clicking the 'Export' link in the upper right-hand corner of the report. The export includes the effective date, cost category, details, total cost, and involved lots.

Lot Cost Report

This report displays the current cost of each lot in inventory and can be filtered by multiple attributes. It shows the total cost and the cost per volume unit, whether you are tracking in gallons or liters. It also breaks down the cost by cost category. If a row is selected, it navigates to the lot Cost tab.

The report can be exported to csv at any time by clicking the 'Export' link in the upper right-hand corner of the report. The export includes the lot code and lot name, current contents (in volume or weight), current tax class, bond, total cost, cost per volume unit, cost category breakdown, owners (if applicable) and lot tags.

Bottled Costs Report

This report is run within a selected date range and is available to download as a csv file. It shows the total costs and breakdown of costs per category captured at the time of bottling. These costs are removed from active WIP cost when a Bottle action is recorded in InnoVint and follow the removed volume as Finished Goods cost.

The export includes the lot code and lot name, date bottled, bottled volume, gains/losses, bottled formats, notes, total bottled cost, and cost by category breakdown.

Cost Over Time Report

This report shows the change in cost per lot between two dates. It will show the change in cost, the gain/loss of volume, as well as bulk wine transferred out of bond, bottled costs, and if there was shrinkage recorded (volume lost for reasons outside of normal winemaking such as being destroyed or damage that needs to be written off). 

This report will show archived lots if they were active and had volume at any point within the date range. If a row displays a 'Lot has never had contents or costs' message, it indicates that the lot has not been filled and no costs have been applied to it. If a lot is tracked in weight through the duration of the date range, the starting and ending contents will display as zero (0) until the lot is drained and pressed and tracked in volume.

The report can be exported to csv at any time by clicking the 'Export' link in the upper right-hand corner of the report. The export includes the lot code and lot name, starting and ending contents within the date range, starting and ending cost per unit within the date range, net volume change, bottled, bulk out and shrinkage volumes and associated costs. Owners and lot tags are also included.

Cost Audit Report

The Cost Audit Report provides a full activity history of every action that impacted cost in a select date range. Each line of the report correlates to a specific lot code involved in an action. Unique actions are identified by the action ID (column G). A single action may involve multiple lots, therefore it is common to see the action ID and other related details repeated on multiple lines of the Cost Audit Report.

Use the cost change column (column L) to see where lots have inherited or transferred cost. Scroll further right in the report to see that breakdown by cost category. 

Recommended: Sort the report by action ID and highlight the cost change column to identify the total delta for the date range or the delta per action ID.

The Cost Audit Report is generated as a csv download only. The export includes the effective at date and time, action type, lot code, action URL, action ID, tax class, starting volume, ending volume, volume change, cost change, cost per gallon, total cost, and cost by category breakdown.

Fruit Cost Report

The Fruit Cost Report is a csv export of direct fruit costs per weigh tag, downloaded by vintage. The export includes weigh tag number, date, weight, fruit lot code, bond, vintage, varietal, vineyard, block/clone, appellation, grower, deputy weighmaster, and direct fruit cost. 

Roll Forward Report

The Roll Forward Report is a csv export that details the costs that were both input and removed during a reporting period. There is an input column for each cost category that received cost during the chosen period (via direct fruit or additive costs, or indirect cost items). 

Note: By contrast to other InnoVint cost reports, the values in each cost category column are not reflective of the proportional distribution of cost through winemaking activities. Instead, they are the pure input values and match exactly to the values added to InnoVint during the chosen period. 

  • To identify how much was input in a given period per cost category, sum each column containing "Input" in the column title (starting from Column F over).
  • To identify how much was removed in a given period, sum the columns titled Bottled Vol CostBulk Out Cost, and Shrinkage Cost.
  • To confirm the total ending value of inventory: Take the Starting Costs (Column E) + Input Costs (Column F over) - Removed Costs (Bottled, Bulk, Shrinkage)

Fruit Cost Worksheet

This report is an active worksheet and the functionality is detailed here. On the reporting side, it's valuable to compare previous vintage costs to current vintage costs. It's also useful for budgeting purposes since the system calculates the total expected cost per block based on the cost information. This worksheet can be exported and further customized as needed.

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