Archive Lots and Vessels

Lots, Vessels, Dry Goods and Vineyard sources may be archived in InnoVint for numerous reasons. Archiving an inventory item removes it from the active list in your lot, vessel, and vineyard explorer and limits the actions and activities that may be recorded on the item. Archiving does not delete the lot, vessel, dry good or vineyard from your account.

InnoVint archives lots by default if an action or task is submitted that empties the lot (e.g. bottling, bond to bond transfer, process a fruit lot to ton/gallons, blending, etc.). Simply uncheck the box to keep the lot active after the contents has been removed.

This article covers:

Note: The instructions below are specific for Lots. The same process applies to vessels, except that you will start in the Vessel Explorer, then follow the same steps.

How to archive a lot or vessel?

Lots and vessels can only be archived if they are empty (i.e. the current Fill = 0 gal).

  • To archive a single lot or vessel
    Select the lot from the Lot Explorer > click 'More' in the upper right > then 'Archive lot'
  • To archive multiple lots or vessels in bulk:
    Go to the Lot Explorer > click 'Manage lots' in the upper right > then 'Archive or unarchive lots'

Where to view archived lots and vessels

Go to the Lot Explorer or the Vessel Explorer and use the filter at the top, titled 'Hide archived' to open up the filter options.

The 'Hide archived' filter allows you to choose between 3 different options for displaying your archived lots. You can choose to:

  • Hide archived - removes all archived lots/vessels from the lot/vessel explorer display

  • Show archived - displays both archived and non-archived lots/vessels in the explorers

  • Show only archived - displays only the lots you have flagged as "Archived"

Note: Once archived, no movement actions can be completed on the lot/vessel, no work order can be created, and the lot stage cannot be changed. You will be able to apply notes and record analysis.

How to unarchive a lot or vessel

Select the lot from the Lot Explorer > click 'More' in the upper right > then 'Unarchive lot'

  • To find and unarchive a Fruit Lot, go to Vineyards in your left side navigation bar and search under the Fruit Lots tab using the filter to show archived lots.