How to Record a Rack and Return

The Rack and Return action allows you to move one lot from its current vessels and return that lot into the same vessels within one action or task. 

Note: The Rack and Return action does not allow multiple lots to be blended then returned to the same vessels. Go to this post on how to record a Blend and Return.

You can record a Rack and Return as a direct action or assign a Rack and Return task in a work order.

1. Select the lot from the lot dropdown or in the lot picker

2. Enter the holding vessel (optional)

3. Select the vessels to rack and return

  • The ending fill should reflect the volume after the 'return'. If a vessel is now empty or partial, make sure the ending fill volume is equal to the volume remaining.
  • Example: 23 barrels are racked. Barrel 15SI056 is now empty. The ending fill shows 0 gallons remaining in that barrel. (Alternatively, barrel 15SI056 could have been left partial by adjusting the ending fill accordingly.)

4. Add any breakdown vessels

  • The ending fill of the breakdown vessels should reflect the volume after the lot has been 'returned'. 
  • Example: One keg were used as breakdown vessels after the rack and return. From the example in Step 3 (above), barrel 15SI056 started with 30 gal and is now empty. Now, 7.75 gallons have been added to the keg, and 12 gallons went to the Lees lot.

5. Select whether to save lees to a different lot.

  • Lees volume can be saved to a new or existing lot.
  • Example: 12 gallons of lees were added to lot PNLEES.

6. Ended up with a partial barrel?

  • Use the Top Off action to top with either the same or different lot
  • A Top Off cannot be completed within a Rack and Return task or action and must be completed as a second task or action after the original Rack and Return is submitted
  • This is different from the "Topping" function, which does not change the contents of the barrel being topped