Using the Topping feature

The purpose of Topping is to fill vessels that have lost wine due to evaporation.

The Topping feature can be completed via:

  • a task in a work order via the web interface or mobile app
  • a direct action on the lot

An individual lot or multiple lots can be topped with the same wine within one task or action. The steps to topping are:

1) Choose one or more lots to be topped

2) Record topping details useful in the action

3) Select your topping wine. You can top with the same lot you are topping, or an entirely different lot.

4) Pick your vessel(s) used for topping

5) Record the amount of wine used for topping and any breakdown vessels added

Breakdown vessels can be partial or filled to capacity. Review the Summary to make sure all the information looks correct. You can preview the lot composition to make sure you are not going outside TTB parameters for vintage, variety, etc. You can also backdate the action if you desire. Once everything is completed, press "Record Topping" to record the action.