Using the Top Off feature

The Top Off action/task is designed to top up vessels that have been partially filled and will now be filled to vessel capacity.

For example, you may have barrels partially filled during a white fermentation. Once the fermentation finishes and you are ready to top up the barrels, you will want to use the Top Off action or task to fill them up to capacity.

How to Record a Top Off action

  1. To begin, in the Top Off from section, select the vessel that you are removing volume from. In this case, we are topping off from a barrel within the same lot. Specify the amount that was removed from this vessel and used to top off the others.

2. In the Top Off to section, select the lot(s) and vessel(s) that were filled . You can manually fill in the cells under the Add or Ending Fill column, or you can use the Ending Fill dropdown to apply a volume to all vessels in bulk.

3. Review the summary for accuracy. Add a note if you wish, then record the Top Off action.

The Top Off action only allows you to remove volume from one lot at a time. You can use that same lot to top off multiple lots and vessels within the same action. Click on  under the Top Off to header to add more lots to be topped off.