6/6/2022 Release Notes: Duplicate Mock Blends, Vessel Location History, BoL Improvements

The software releases for June 6, 2022 include:

New Features

Duplicate Mock Blends

Users can duplicate mock blends with Blend Trials. From the Mock Blend Details page, click the "More" button in the upper right-hand corner. Select "Duplicate mock blend". 

Modify the mock blend name and click "Create duplicate" to be taken to the new mock blend details page. 

This is very helpful for users that have mock blends with many lots, or try many variations on similar (but not identical) mock blends. Learn more about Blend Trials here

Vessel Location History

Users can now see the history of where their vessels have been within their production space. 

From the Vessel Details page, click on the "Vessel location history" link under History:

Users will see a pop-up with a history of where this vessel has been located:

Learn more about Vessel Location Tracking here


Bills of Lading

Legal Language

Users can customize the legal language included on the BoL. Users can update the language in the new Bills of Lading section within Settings.

Any BoL generated thereafter will include the updated language. If there is a significant amount of legal language the user would like included in the BoL, it will render on subsequent pages.

Contains Sulfites - Yes/No 

Indicate if the lot contains sulfites, via a toggle on the BoL Generator. If the user selects Yes, the resulting BoL PDF will include  'Contains sulfites' language.

Learn more about Bills of Lading here

Bug Fixes

  • Dry Goods Packaging Explorer Export shows inventory unit, not inventory item
  • "Dependent Actions List" button missing on action details page
  • Vineyard events not showing correctly in Phenology Report
  • Imported Vineyard Events not displaying on Phenology Report
  • Vintage Phenology and Forecasting Report not displaying Recorded Harvest Events
  • Lot Colors not showing

  • Error message in Create Vineyard Contract around Evergreen Clause
  • Change text fields in Contracts to be optional
  • Costs remaining on lot even after cost item is deleted
  • Average Yield displaying incorrectly for metric accounts