Blend Trials

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The Blend Trials feature is a way for users to mock up potential blends in the winery to see if they meet composition, production and taste targets. This allows users to compare against internal targets and better manage their lot inventory. 

Only Admins are currently able to access this feature. Admins will be able to view, create new, and edit blend trials, mock blends, and related mock blend lots. Blend Trial access may be open to Team Members, Read-Only or Owner Permissioned members in the future.

How to create a new blend trial

The Blend Trial Explorer can be found in the left-hand Navigation Bar. 

Click the "+ Add blend trial" button in the upper right-hand corner to create a new blend trial. Give your trial a descriptive name, and click "Add blend trial." 

Click into any blend trial to access the Blend trial details page. From here you can click "+Add mock blend" to create a new mock blend within the blend trial. You can create up to 30 mock blends within a trial.

Click into the new mock blend to add lots and select target volumes and percentages.

Before you can set target volumes, percentages or lots, click "Select lots" to choose specific lots for your blend option:

Mock blends can contain up to 100 lots. If users attempt to save the mock blend with more than 100 lots, they will see an error message and will need to remove lots in order to move forward. 

Once the mock blend lots have been selected, users can choose to blend by percentage or a specific volume of each lot.

When using "Set blend %" make sure to specify your target volume in order to have InnoVint calculate your desired blend component volume based on the requested blend percentage:

Change to "Set blend volume" to use volumes to define your blend components:

Working with blends in percentages

The Blend % edit workspace allows users to set a target volume and modify the percentages of each mock blend lot. The related volumes needed will automatically calculate based on the "Target volume" and percentages entered. 


As you edit each mock blend lot percentage, the corresponding lot volume will update, as well as the max blend volume in the bottom right corner.

Click Save blend to ‘lock in’ the lots and percentages.

Users MUST click "Save blend" to see updated composition information.

The resulting Composition information (Vintage, Varietal, Appellation and Vineyard) is calculated and displayed.

Lot volume and "Max blend volume" are both displayed in the Mock blend details page. The Lot volume displays the current contents of the selected lots. The Max blend volume is the maximum size this individual blend can be, based on the percentages the user has input. 

InnoVint will allow you to enter a percentage that calculates a volume larger than the available volume of a lot, and will calculate the blend composition according to the calculated volume. 

Working with blends in volumes

User can also choose to build a blend based on volume rather than percentages, in the volume edit workspace.

To start from scratch, create a mock blend, then select your lots, and click "Set blend volume." To change an existing mock blend, click on "Edit blend" to enable the "Set blend volume" toggle. 

In the volume edit workspace, users will be able to change the unit they want to use to build their mock blend (or, go back to the % Blend workspace to modify the target volume and units). Users can also easily choose to “Use entire lot” when building blends. The "Use entire lot" feature is most useful when mocking-up life-size blends, and will provide the max percentage a lot can provide (calculated against the target volume.  In the case of set volumes, the target volume will always update to reflect the total set volume of all lots).

Click "Save blend" to see resulting composition information.


InnoVint will allow you to enter a volume larger than the currently available volume of a lot, and will calculate the blend composition according to the input volume.

Duplicate, edit or delete a Mock Blend

From the Mock blend details page, click the "More" button in the upper right-hand corner. 

To duplicate a mock blend:

Click "Duplicate mock blend", modify the mock blend name, and click "Create duplicate" to be taken to a new mock blend details page. This may be very helpful for users that have mock blends with many lots, or try many variations on similar (but not identical) mock blends.

To edit the Mock Blend name:

Click "Change mock blend properties" and edit the blend name as required. Click "Save mock blend properties" for the new name to save.

To delete a Mock Blend:

You know what to do! You will get a confirmation screen before clearing out your blend.


Q: Can I change the name of a Blend Trial? 

A: Yes! Go to the More menu in the Blend trial details, and select "Change blend trial properties."

Q: I don't want to completely delete my Blend Trial, can I archive it?

A: No, InnoVint doesn't support archiving Blend trials.  We would recommend renaming it in order to move it to the bottom of the page.

Q: I'm getting an error when trying to save my Mock Blend. What's happening?

Please note that currently only 30 Mock blends are allowed for each Blend trial.   

Q: I don't see Blend Trials in my navigation menu

A: Blend Trials are currently only accessible to users with Admin permissions. Unfortunately, they are not available for custom crush owners at this time.   If you are an Admin on your account, and you cannot see Blend Trials, please reach out to and we can check on the status of your account.