End-of-Year Close Out & Compliance

It's that time of year again! Time to tie up loose ends after harvest and close out the year with your best foot forward. Included below is our 2020 InnoVint Academy session on end-of-year close-out and compliance, accompanied by a step-by-step guide. Need something even quicker, try the End of Harvest Compliance Checklist ✅.

This tutorial covers how to:

Pull Weigh Tags and State Reporting Data from the Fruit Intake Report

  1. Go to Reporting, click Fruit Intake under Activity Reports
  2. User the filters at the top to sort by vintage, varietal, vineyard, and other attributes. 
  3. Total tons are provided at the top of the report.
  4. Export, as needed
  5. Learn more about the Fruit Intake report and the CA Grape Crush report here.

Remove Outstanding Tonnage from Fruit Lots

  1. Go to your Vineyard Explorer, click the Fruit Lots tab at the top
    • You may find a fruit lot or two with unprocessed tons - whether they were a data entry error or purposely left unprocessed, now is the time to remove that excess tonnage from inventory. Click on the lot code to go to the Fruit lot details page. Click Record action in the upper right-hand corner and select Fruit Weight Adjustment.
      • Adjust the weight to 0 tons and click Record Fruit Weigh Adjustment
        • This adjustment changes Part IV, Column (a), Line 8 (Uncrushed pounds removed) on your TTB 5120.17 report. It does not adjust the received tonnage on your weigh tags or the Fruit Intake Report

    Declare or Edit Tax Class

    Tax Class Declaration Worksheet

    1. Go to your Report Explorer and select Tax class declaration under Compliance Reports
    2. Using the alcohol result as a guide, select the correct tax class from the Tax Class dropdown menu next to each lot. 
      • If the selected tax class doesn't match the last alcohol reading, you will see a warning message on the right. 
    3. Once the correct tax class is selected, click Set Tax Class
      • Using the Tax class declaration worksheet sets the tax class as of today's date and time

    Backdate or Edit a Tax Class Declaration

    1. Go to the Lot details page and click the blue pencil next to Tax Class
    2. Set the new tax class Effective at: Previous date and click Change tax class
    3. This change will appear as a recorded action in the lot's recent history. 
      • If you make a mistake, select the action from the Lot history or from your Winery Activity Feed and click Delete action in the upper right-hand corner.

    Adjust Juice/Wine Volume On Hand

    1. Go to the Lot Explorer
    2. Select the juice or wine lot to go to the lot details page
    3. Click Record Action in the upper right
    4. Select the Volume Adjustment action from the dropdown menu
    5. Record the action
    6. Volume Adjustments to lots that have a tax class of Fermenting Juice will populate the 5120.17 TTB report on Page 2, Part VII - In Fermenters End of Period, Column (a), Line 1.
    7. Learn more about volume adjustments to juice here.

    Generate the TTB 5120.17 Report

    1. Go to your Report Explorer and select TTB 5120.17 under Compliance Reports
    2. Select the bond number you're running the report for and the date range desired, then click Download the 5120.17.

    3. Have questions? Generate the TTB Audit Report to see how we're populating your report. 

    Before you file, remember:

    1. Make sure that you complete Section B: Bottled Wines with any additional information (if Case Goods Management is not activated) 
    2. Complete the Header. InnoVint has the ability to complete the Operated By, EIN, and Registry Number fields (email us if you don't see this information and would like it to export for you). Since our export offers custom date ranges we require you to fill in the left part of the header: Period Covered and Version.
    3. Don't forget to sign and date the bottom of Page 2!

    Please print additional copies and retain them for your physical records.

    Pull Activity Reports (relevant to compliance)

    1. Go to Reporting
    2. Please find the following reports under Activity Reports at the top. All reports may be exported to a csv file as needed. 
    • Winery Activity Feed - to pull a transaction report of activity over a period of time
    • Bottlings - to pull bottling records, including bottled volume vs gains/losses over a period of time
    • Inventory at Point in Time - to pull bulk inventory by tax class as of a specific date and time

    Lock Backdating 

    **The Lock Backdating function can only be set by account Admins.

    1. Go to Settings, select Lock Backdating
    2. Set a new date to lock winery activity.
      • No one can enter backdated actions before that lock date.

    🛎️ Craft Beverage Modernization Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    In 2020, the TTB announced the permanent adjustment from 14% to 16% alcohol content for still wines. Announcement here. We will continue to keep a close watch on any additional updates that may affect your TTB reporting. At this time, there are no changes to InnoVint's tax class structure as a result of the December 28, 2020 TTB Special Edition Newsletter 


    Q: What if I need to pull a report of lots by a tax class other than under or over 16%? Example: under or over 14%?

    A: Pull an Inventory at Point in Time report and export the report. Included in the export, you'll find a column for "Alcohol at time of." Sort your results ascending or descending to easily find lots above and below a certain alcohol.