Tracking Mead in InnoVint

This article covers how to add an "Agriculture" source in InnoVint to track mead production.
  1. First, the "Agriculture" source option must be activated for your facility. Contact if you need the "Agriculture" source option enabled.
  2. Click into the Vineyard Explorer from the side bar menu, and in the upper right hand corner click "Add Vineyard."
  3. Add a new "vineyard" for the honey. Be mindful that the appellation source must match the varietal source (notice in the image below how there is the small "Agriculture" subtitle).
After your block is added you can create the lot the same way as you would with wine. For more information on setting up your InnoVint account, refer to the Getting Started Checklist

Creating Non-Vintage Mead

To learn how to create a non-vintage mead lot read this article and make sure to include NV or non-vintage in the lot code or lot name for further clarity.