How to Return Bottled Wine to a Bulk Wine Lot

If you have a previously bottled Case Goods lot that needs to be returned to bulk wine inventory, we recommend the following steps:

1) Perform a Volume Adjustment action for your Case Goods lot to bring to decrease the inventory. 

2) Select the reasoning of "Bottled Wine Dumped to Bulk", emptying part of or the entire lot (backdate as necessary).

3) If a bulk wine lot does not already exist for this wine, you will need to create one. If you bottled from a bulk wine lot code into a Case Goods lot in InnoVint, you can unarchive the bulk wine lot and re-use this as long as the composition hasn't changed. 

4) Perform a Volume Adjustment action on the bulk wine lot using the reasoning "Bottled Wine Dumped to Bulk" to increase the volume of the bulk wine lot. Leave a note if desired stating that this was coming from a Case Goods lot (and write in the CG-lot code). 

5) This will populate the TTB 5120.17 report in Part I, Section B, Line 10 (Dumped to bulk) and Part I, Section A, Line 8 (Bottled wine dumped to bulk).