How to enter bulk and unknown lot compositions

Adding bulk juice, wine, concentrate and/or distilled spirits

If you receive juice, wine, concentrate, and/or distilled spirits with unknown fruit sources, or if you simply want to track a lot as bulk (without specified vineyard components), use the bulk component function available in the Add Lot screen.

By checking the "Bulk Component" box, you can create a lot using only vintage, varietal and appellation.  InnoVint will not require a vineyard and block component to create a Juice/Wine lot with this method. 


Lots created with bulk components can be blended with lots created using vineyard components with no restrictions. 

  • Varietals can be as broad or specific as you need. Here are some generic "varietals" currently available:
    • Red - Red Wine, Other Red, Unknown Red
    • White - White Wine, Other White, Unknown White
    • Rosé -  Rosé Wine, Unknown Rosé

For unknown concentrate sources or high proof alcohol, varietal choices also include:

    • Red Concentrate
    • White Concentrate
    • Brandy
    • Distilled Spirits
  • You can also make the appellation as broad or specific as you like (the appellation list has options for a whole state, or you can even select N/A). 

Have a component that is also non-vintage? See our article here for guidance on how to create a Non-Vintage lot or component.

The Composition tab of the Lot Details page will show like this for a lot created with bulk components:


The Lot Import feature does not currently support bulk components.  You can still import bulk wine lots by creating bulk vineyards for your lot's vineyard components using this workflow.