How do I add wine or concentrate that was transferred to my facility?

This article details how to receive wine or concentrate into your InnoVint account from a non-InnoVint facility. To receive wine or concentrate from another facility using InnoVint, we recommend using the Bond to Bond to another InnoVint winery option.

If you're receiving bulk wine or concentrate into inventory, it's a two-step process:

Step 1: Create a new lot

From the Lot Explorer, click the + Add Lot button in the upper right. Complete the form for the wine coming in, and set the tax class accordingly.

  • Note that you will need to have a vineyard source in the system to build the components for this bulk wine. If the composition details are unknown we recommend adding a vineyard called "Bulk Wine", "Bulk Juice", or "Bulk Concentrate" for each appellation (can be broad like California, or specific like Coombsville) and add blocks for each varietal component (see instructions below). If the varietal is not known you can select from several options (e.g. Red or White Wine, Other Red/White, Unknown Red/White).

Step 2: Fill the new lot with volume

From the new lot detail page go to Record Action and select the B2B Volume Adjustment (i.e., Bond to Bond Transfer) action. Choose the reason Received in Bond. Select the tank getting filled, and set the ending fill to the new volume. You can leave a note with any BOL (Bill of Lading) information you want to capture (e.g. source winery/bond and address, fruit/juice/wine details, etc). This will correctly record the Bond to Bond Transfer under the lot's tax class (Received in Bond, Page 1, Line 7) on your 5120.17 report.

Note: The Bond to Bond transfer action can be backdated to any date, even prior to lot creation.

For specific instructions on how to add juice, see our Support Center article here: Receive Juice

To add a Bulk Wine vineyard source: