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Disgorge, Dosage & Packaging

This movement exists as an action only (not a work order task), and is opt-in only. 

Please reach out to support@innovint.us if you are interested in activating this action. 

How to record a Disgorge, Dosage, & Package action

From the Lot Details page, select the Disgorge, Dosage, & Package action from the dropdown.

1. Disgorge

  • Select your lot and vessel(s), and adjust the ending fill of each vessel as necessary. (Note: InnoVint defaults to remove the entire volume.)

2. Dosage

  • Select whether you are adding a dosage. If you are, select the lot and vessels, and adjust the ending fill of each vessel as necessary. (Note: InnoVint defaults to remove the entire volume.) 

3. Bottling

  • For the Bottling action, select an existing lot or create a new one. 
  • Enter the number of bottles per case, number of full cases, and number of additional bottles. These values are required to calculate the total volume bottled, but can be zero (0).
  • Other optional bottling information can be entered including details about glass, closure, foil, labels, and cases per pallet.


The bottling portion of this action does NOT create a case good lot, but does transfer costs.  Please reach out to support@innovint.us for best practices when using the Disgorge, Dosage and Package action with COGS Tracking activated. 

4. Yeast Plugs

  • Indicate whether you are keeping yeast plugs. If so, designate a lot and vessel (you will have to add the yeast plug lot prior to recording a Disgorge, Dosage, & Packaging action). 
    Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 2.53.02 PM

5. Summary

  • After you have entered all of your bottling numbers and information, review the Summary.
  • Bottled will list the format type and number of cases, and bottles to determine the total number of bottles and bottled volume. Disgorged will outline the total volume removed from your lot and Dosage will outline volume removed from that lot. The difference is calculated as an inventory loss on the TTB report.

6. Submit

  • Backdate the action if necessary, and click to submit the action.